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How I Write: What Just Happened?!

So some of you might be wondering: Where did this whole Peter plot come from?  Did SweetPoyzin lose her mind?

Well, yes, I might have lost my mind but it’s unrelated to the Peter plot.  Honestly, it wasn’t in the plan until a few months ago.  In the process of making Dani’s dream man, I didn’t have any specific life goals for him.  After plopping him in game, StoryProgression took over and gave him a job in the medical career.  LIGHT BULB!

Full disclosure: I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain Finn’s issues either.  Ok, Lucian is a doctor.  But then I deviated and made him pediatric neurologist.  Then I remembered the story from long ago, after my hard drive died, and Peter’s role solidified into a workable plot.

However, now we are at an impasse because I really don’t know what to do.  I have an inkling of where I want to take things, but I thought I would throw it to my readers.  Help me out on this one!

What should Penny do with this new information?  Does she leave Finn and see what could happen with Peter?  Does she leave everything to Dani and never see Peter again?  Does Penny stick with Finn and the life they’ve created and leave the past in the past?  Does something else happen?

Tell me your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “How I Write: What Just Happened?!

  1. Although Penny was never fully convinced it had all been a dream, I think a lot of what happens will depend mostly on Peter’s reaction. He can either verify her deepest convictions and feelings, or he can verify that it was all just a dream. And then, that brings up more questions – if he acknowledges it, what will it result in for both of them? If he denies it, will it be to ‘save’ their current lives, rather than cause more pain and disappointment for so many people, or will it be because he actually was never a big part of her life before the accident, and just a dream that got her through her coma? Wow..lots of possibilities any way you look at it! I do not envy you, dear SweetP!! =/ But, whatever you decide to do with this story line, I know it will be good, and most importantly, it will satisfy you! After all, we are all just along for the enjoyment of the “ride”. ♥

  2. Okay, now that I’ve reread the relevant chapters …. Peter’s married or least ways he was ….

    Maybe time and life with Finn can have had the healing affect that Liv had hinted at, which could be just as shocking to find out that you no longer feel for someone as other things are … just a thought. 😉

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