Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.33

Ahem…well, as you can see, Lucian and I did have more than one date.

The only trick for dating a vampire?  Lots of night outings and indoor activities.  That sun is a killer…literally.

Turns out, we were a pretty good fit for each other.  He’s goofy, brilliant, sweet, sarcastic — well he’s kinda my perfect match, I guess.  Not to mention the fact that he’s great with kids and Beanie LOVES him!

Anyway, this whole dating thing went on for awhile (be thankful that I have the common sense not to show you all the scrapbook pages I’ve made).

My dates tended to be on-the-cheap (even though I knew he was going to be a gentleman and pay for me).  Lucian, however, knows how to treat a lady!  Seriously — I didn’t even know fancy piano bars were a thing anymore!  It was some time after he asked me to dance in the middle of the restaurant that I lost my head and my heart.

“Move in with us, Lucian.”

“Uh, you mean into the house with you and the two other women and the three babies?”

Oh crap.  I forgot about the team.

It was easy to forget though.  Willow was making a fortune selling her work at the consignment shop.  I’d even grabbed a few of her best pieces and sold them at the gallery.  She was on her way and needed very little financial support from the group anymore.

The same was true for Sonia, as well.  She was quickly becoming a star children’s author.  Her books were selling like crazy.  And not just in Salmon Woods but around the world!  We were all getting too big for our little group.  Sonia and I bicker constantly and Willow desperately tries to keep us sane.

Of course, the real reason we grouped up in the first place is for the kids.  We needed a support system and they needed mommies who were not losing their marbles as single parents.  Violet and the boys have such a wonderful relationship.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap.

Lucian pushed a stray hair back from my face.  “Hey, don’t worry about it.  We’ll work it out.”

And I believe him.

Notes from SweetPoyzin:

Dani and Lucian’s Dinner and a Movie date was to Drive In Old Fashioned Style by Bmit.

The bakery visited in the Art Class Date is Cocoa Lush by SweetPoyzin.

For full sized images from Dani and Lucian’s dates, visit the Flickr album.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 4.33

  1. I wonder about the other scrapbook pages…How nasty were they? Lol. Is Dani going to move with Violet and Lucian? Can’t wait! And yeah, Lucian is a gentleman, but considering his being a vampire, you never know if he didn’t live in the times when those fancy piano bars were a thing! Crossing fingers for Lucian and Dani’s relationship to improve!

  2. I really like Dani and Lucian together. 🙂 I’m glad Beanie likes him, too. It will be really interesting to learn more about Lucian and to see where this new relationship leads them.

    1. UGH! I love him. I’ll have to write a few dozen bonus posts because he and Dani banter like there’s no tomorrow. I will be forever indebted to Bee for letting me take creative liberties with her sim.

  3. Okay, I missed something – I could have sworn he was a werewolf, not a vampire!?! When she first met him, he looked like a werewolf to me, with his teeth showing, etc. Oh well, either way, they seem like a cute couple. Glad to hear the other girls are doing so well! Ready for more! ♥

    1. No, he’s always been a vampire. I have a mod that really makes those fangs a focal point so that’s probably what threw you off. And I think his vampire mark on his neck is hidden by hair and tattoos.

      1. Okay…that would explain it! I’m used to seeing the fangs like that on our regular werewolves, although he didn’t appear to walk like them, thank goodness!! I actually like vampires, and they are really cute together! ♥

  4. My heart is melting. I molded the perfect man!!!! And you gave him the perfect personality! Shows we are a great team SP! If this relationship doesn’t work out…..I will be very (bleep bleep bleep)! Wait I promised you a super nice comment didn’t I? Literally sitting on the edge of my seat now! More more more…..

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