Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.30

Note from SweetPoyzin: And the tissue party continues.

Because my life wasn’t hectic enough, I was robbed.

“Hello, police?  There’s a burglar in my house!”  He didn’t take anything big and the cops caught the asswipe before he even got out of my house.

It didn’t matter to me.  I sat in Beanie’s room for the rest of the night.  She was completely unaware of the danger we were in and for that I was grateful.

It was early, about 6am when I finally left Bean’s room.  I had a drastic need to scrub the thief from every surface.  When Mom showed up, I figured she had heard the commotion last night and came to check on me.

“Hi, Mama.  We’re fine –” I turned around and saw my mom.  “What’s wrong.”

“Grandpa.  He’s gone, baby.  He died last night.  I’m so sorry, Dani.  I’m so sorry.”

My mom looked terrible.  I could barely digest her words, I was worried she was going to collapse.  I ran to her and hugged her to keep her on her feet.

“Mama, go rest.  I’ll take care of things.  Have you spoken to Liv or Adam?”

“Oh, no.  Oh, no.  I didn’t tell them.  Oh, no.”

“Ok, Mama.  It’s ok.  Go sit.  Anywhere.  Just for the love of God, Mother, sit before you get hurt.”

I took mom outside and had her sit in the sun.  Her makeup was a mess and she was far worse.  I had no idea how we were going to get her through a funeral.

Oh shit.  A funeral.

After calling Aunt Liv and Uncle Adam, I called the funeral home.  Yes, they had his body.  It would be ready the next day.  It sounded so wrong to hear people talk about my grandfather as a body but I guess it was the truth now.  Whoever he was is gone.

I got everything set with the funeral home and the cemetery and went on with my day.  Unfortunately, our lives didn’t just stop because grandpa’s did.

The next day, Beanie was a hot mess.  It was as if she knew her great-grandpa was gone and we had to suffer through on our own.  Somehow we managed that morning and I prayed we’d manage everyday after.

At the funeral, Mom gave an amazing eulogy.  She had pulled herself together with grace and poise.  She was and will forever be a force to be reckoned with, just like Grandpa told me not that long ago.

Of course, nothing hits a mother at her core as hard as her children hurting.  Mom held herself together all the way until I lost it myself.  Then we were both lost causes.  Mike had to hold my mother together.  Owen was busy with Aunt Live and Dad was running triage between his daughters-in-law and his grandchildren.

Somehow I found myself holding tight to Lucinda.

“You’re always welcome in our home, Lu.  Beanie would love to get to know you better.”

“Oh, Danielle, you are a blessing,” she sobbed.  “I’m just glad your Grandfather is with his beloved again.”

“Lu!  He loved you!”  I couldn’t believe she thought otherwise.

“Oh, honey.  I know that!  But your Grandma was his soulmate.  He was eager to see her again.”

After more tears and many hugs, we all said our goodbyes and headed home without our rock.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 4.30

  1. I hate funerals and will haunt anyone who has one for me! Now pass the darn kleenxs!! I was fine until Beanie got upset!! =(

      1. I would have LOVED your grandma!!!!! That’s what I want, a party with chocolate everything, and lots of free drinks!! =)

    1. Yes! I’ve written Penny’s final chapters and it is done in a way that will give everyone plenty of red flags because we will ALL suffer through that one. No warning would be wrong.

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