Eternally Yours

Bonus Post: Goodbye Garrett


I felt like such a coward.  Running away like this?  This wasn’t me.  Penny maybe, but I’ve never run.  Well, until now that is.

After I made sure that Lucinda and Tony were set, I took off.  I couldn’t die at home.  I couldn’t do that to them.  To come home to the house where your husband, your father, died?  No, never.  They deserved better.

I knew she was coming for me.  As much as I loved Lucinda and the life we had, she wasn’t Mollie.  She could never be Mollie and Lucinda knew that.  Mollie was waiting.  I knew that even if I ran to the ends of the Earth she would find me.  She’d come for me here in Hidden Springs, too.

I could feel her and it was crushing me.  I had no idea when I would pass but I knew it would be soon.  Her presence was too strong.  I knew she didn’t want me to go through this alone.

But the fact that she was so close I could feel her?  That was almost enough to kill me on the spot.

And she was EVERYWHERE.  I couldn’t even do the damn dishes without her.

By the time I got the courage to talk to her, she’d be gone and I’d be left broken and feeling a little bit deranged.  Talking to my dead wife?  That’s the stuff of insanity there.

I’d dream about her.  I could feel her kiss me.

Only to wake up alone.  It was the cruelest joke.

Garrett…Garrett…wake up, baby.

I’d hear the woman in my dreams.

Let go, Gar.  It’s ok.  I’m here.

“Mollie?  Are you there?”  Alright, I’m crazy now.


“HOLY SHIT!”  Ok…yes, crazy.  Dead people don’t talk.

I’m sorry, dear, but you just aren’t getting the message.

“Hello?  Mollie?  Give me a sign, honey.  Let me know it’s you!”

Hi, baby.  Come home with me.


“Hey, baby.  Long time no see.”

“OH!  I can see you!  Does that mean?”  I could hardly believe my eyes.

“Yes, baby.  You’ve passed.”

“Oh, Mollie.  I’ve waited so long to see you again.”  I swept my bride off her feet and kissed her.  I briefly thought about how much this was going to hurt my family.

“Don’t worry about them, Garrett.  I’ve been watching.  They’re gonna be ok because of you.  It was a little touch and go there with Penny and Danielle but you pulled them through.”

And so ends Generation Two.  Happily ever after for eternity.

9 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Goodbye Garrett

    1. Love my Gare-Bear! He’s pretty much my favorite male so far. He’s the only one who’s actually had a voice in my head (though I think that’s soon to change).

  1. Darn! I was hoping he could help Bean learn to talk. I am sure they would have carried on some great conversations! Oh well, he went with love. ♥

    1. I’m not too concerned about that! I found Garrett wandering around Dani’s new house talking to her room mates! I’m sure he and Bean will have some great moments regardless of life status!

  2. Someone’s cutting onions in my room! Oh my gosh, Garrett! Mollie! Ah, I love them and now they’re finally together. Garrett was the best grandpa ever, though!

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