Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.29

With classes finally out and just a few weeks until the fall semester started, I decided to have a backyard barbecue.  Thankfully for everyone’s sake, Mom promised to cook.

Grandpa offered to chase his favorite little great-grandbaby around the yard.  He almost immediately regretted that decision.

It wasn’t long before he had corralled Violet and dropped her into her swing set for safekeeping.

“Can you believe how big she’s gotten, Grandpa?!”

“I can barely believe how big you’ve gotten, Ellie.  There’s no way I can believe this one!”

We freed Violet from her plastic prison so she could join us in a dance party while Aunt Liv played guitar.  She demanded that I grab my own guitar.  I reluctantly agreed and came back downstairs.

To my surprise, Grandpa had brought his bass (who does that!?) and wanted to have a family jam session.  We ripped out some sweet tunes while everyone else kept dancing.  Aunt Liv really gets into her music.

Grandpa and Beanie needed a break so they passed out on the couch together.  It was so sweet.

“Dani, I want you to know you’re an amazing mother.  I know it’s been rough but you’re wonderful at it.  Do you have a will set up?”  Well, that’s lovely dinner conversation.

“Um, no, I can’t say that I do, Gramps.”

“Well, get on it.  It’s even more important now.”

“Um.  Right.”  Weird old man.

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