New Legacy!

Learn about my new legacy: Twice Upon a Time!

I’ve started a new legacy challenge!  Don’t freak out!  Eternally Yours is not going anywhere!

As you all know, Eternally Yours and I have a love/hate relationship.  I can’t play any other saves because I feel such an obligation to that save.  I can’t connect with other sims.  It’s a little weird actually.  So I’ve decided to break it up a little.

I was reminiscing about the old Bring Me to Life challenge I used to play and I thought…why not bring that back again?

So I did.


Twice Upon a Time will follow Jacquelin Chamberlin, a sim from the Bridgeport graveyard.  After wandering aimlessly for years, she settled in the Moonlight Falls graveyard.  She passes her days peacefully, until one day when a blue-haired stranger appears and gives Jackie a second chance at life.

I’d love it if you would check out Jackie’s story.  I can’t promise the same kind of longevity that Eternally Yours has, but it might be fun for a little bit.

And again, Eternally Yours is not going anywhere.  Posts start up again tomorrow.  Yes, I realized after the fact that Jackie looks freakishly like Penny.  Apparently I just can’t shake Eternally Yours.