Back Home: Part 2

It took a bit but Finn and I came up with a plan we felt might work for our family.

We sold the horses and the training grounds and some of our properties around town.

And we bought a piece of land that happened to be right next to ours.

“You’re sure that you didn’t pick this because it is next door to us and across the street from Aiden?”

“Of course that has nothing to do with it, Finn.  I was just up for sale at the same time that we needed it.”

“Uh huh.”

I sent Finn off to the store to buy some supplies.  I was going to need a lot of stuff for my idea to come to fruition.

I had an architect in town draw up some plans for a tiny two-bedroom house.  Then I called Adam, Finn, Aiden, Owen, Grandpa Victor, and whomever else I could to lend a hand in the building.

It took a few months but we finished it.

It was modest at best but it would be hers when she got home.

“Do you think we should knock?”

“Who’s going to answer the door, Finn?”

“I don’t know…it just feels weird barging in now that it’s finished.”

He wasn’t wrong so we knocked before letting ourselves into what we were calling “Ellie Jayne’s Dollhouse.”

We hoped it would have everything she would want or need in a house.  We felt it was important for her to feel independent but know we’re right next door if she needs us.  Plus, I planned to offer to babysit everyday while she went to class.

Yes, I was trying to buy my daughter’s love but I wasn’t sure where I lost it to begin with.  I just wanted her to know it was always there regardless of my failings.

11 Comments on “Back Home: Part 2

  1. “Modest at best?” I guess since I’m used to living in small spaces in real life that seems huge to me. I do like the simplicity of it, though!

    • Well, in Sim terms it’s actually suuuuuuuper tiny. There’s like 900 routing issues in that house. The kitchen, landing, and bathrooms are a hot mess if anyone but a single sim tries to use them.

  2. And another thing! I don’t like how Penny is being portrayed as needy for her child’s love. She seems desperate. And clingy. This saddens me.

    • I think Penny is a little desperate right now, honestly. I think Penny is concerned that she has somehow failed her daughter based on the fact that Dani didn’t feel like she could turn to Penny when she needed her mom.

      And I’m not sure that needy and clingy are true here. I think she wants to offer her daughter a chance to be independent but still know that the safety net is right there. I’m just not sure that Penny knows how best to navigate these waters without coming off as overbearing.

  3. Cute house! Love the various shades of blue and all the windows. I’m sure Penny and Dani will find some common ground and be able to smooth out the bumps in their relationship. All it takes is compromise and listening and… perhaps them stop calling her Ellie Jayne would help. A lot. 🙂

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