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Name That Baby: Poll Closed


Ok, since the votes for Violet Grace and Hadley Rose were sooooooo close, we shall have another vote.  This time, one vote per person and voting will close on Sunday (when I write the next chapter).  While I personally think the kiddo is a Violet, I feel like throwing it back to my readers.

(I swear I don’t have a paper to write…I’m just feeling extra needy about getting this name 100% correct in the eyes of my readers.  There’s nothing to see here.  Vote and move along, please.  Hum dee tum tee dum…)


2 thoughts on “Name That Baby: Poll Closed

    1. Oddly enough neither were old Hollywood. Hadley Richardson was the 1st wife of Ernest Hemingway and Violet popped up when I was searching for “Popular baby names of the early 20th century” (I think I found it on the 1900s census list).

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