Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.19


Pregnancy Progress: Any day now!
Next Doctor’s Appointment: When the kid pops out!
Notes about Pregnancy: Dear God, let’s get this over with…

June dawned rainy and gray.  I was hopeful that this would not become a trend.  Ever since Timothy’s arrival on that horrible rainy May day, I’ve felt that rain is not a good omen.

“Ugh.  How am I ever going to make it in art school when my paintings look like a 5-year-old made them,” I sighed out loud to myself.  “Beanie, we might be in a bit of trouble with this one…”  I was interrupted from my self-pity party by Willow.

“DANI!  SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!”  Just because we are mothers now does not mean we have big girl manners.

I waddled (yes, I waddled) down the hall to see whomever decided to show up on my behalf.

“GRANDPA!  You came!”  I waddled over to him as fast as I could.

“Of course I came, kiddo,” he said as he wrapped me into a hug.  “How could I not come after your call?”

“Because I’m a coward who ran away from everyone without telling them where I was going or why?  That’s how.”

“Danielle, there are some things that just surpass others.  You saved me when your grandmother died.  You were only a little thing so you don’t know just how much I needed you then.  Clearly, you needed me now and nothing was going to stop me from making my way to you.”

I hugged him again and filled him in on everything that brought me to that phone call.  “Wait…does Mom know you’re here?  Does she know why I’m here?”

He sighed.  “I didn’t tell her but you’re a fool if you think she doesn’t know.  Now, can I please introduce myself to that great-granddaughter of mine?”

“Hello, sweet one!  It’s great-grandpa!  Hello!  Hello!  Peek-a-boo!”  The old man was still gaa-gaa about his family despite being almost 90.

Sonia soon realized that she was completely in love with Timmy.  Regardless of who or what he was, he was still her son and there was no overcoming how much she loved him.  I was sad that we didn’t talk as much as we used to, I wasn’t quite sure how to fix what I’d done and I don’t think she knew how to either.  So we let it be and avoided each other when we could.

Meanwhile, Grandpa had some lessons to teach me.

“What do you know, Grandpa?  Mom totally does not understand what it’s like to be in my position.  She’s led this great life and nothing has ever been this scary for her!”

“Now you listen here, Danielle Jayne McNamara.  There is more to your mother than meets the eye.  I might not know everything but I know my family and your mother’s life better than you do.  There are quite a few things you don’t know about that woman.  She is stronger than you’ll ever know, child, and I would behoove you to give her more credit than you do.”

Grandpa had never spoken to me so harshly and in response I turned and ran from the room.

To my credit, I did think about what he said.  Even in the last year I’d learned more about my mother than I learned in the previous 17 years.  She was a doctor.  Not just that but a world famous brain surgeon.  What else was she hiding that caused Grandpa to lash out so angrily?

Beanie decided I should think less about it and let me know by kicking violently in my belly.  “Alright, Bean, we’ll get you some cookies.”

Grandpa didn’t really have a room to sleep in during his stay so he slept in the rocking chair in my bedroom.  I didn’t admit to it, but it made me feel better knowing he was nearby as my due date lurched ever closer.

Finally, on June 15th it was time.

“Oh my God!  Grandpa!  Help help help!”

He calmly helped me find my clothes, my suitcase, and baby bag before leading me downstairs to the car.  Miss Sylvia had agreed that I would be allowed to go to the hospital to have my baby since I wasn’t there under any special contract.

Grandpa drove me to the hospital in silence and quietly patted my knee or held my hand during contractions.

He waited until we arrived to totally go bananas.  Clearly, he was excited about his great-granddaughter.  Who was I to begrudge him a moment of happy-dancing.

14 hours later my daughter arrived safe and whole into this topsy-turvy world.  We were allowed to go home the next evening (I was still shocked they let me leave with a baby and no instructions).

Grandpa sat next to me in the taxi and I was so tired that I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder and my baby in my arms.  The fun, sleepless nights were only just beginning.

Note from SweetPoyzin: You’ve got to check out the gallery on Flickr!  I was super in love with Dani’s baby bump so lots of that over there plus some adorable pictures of Garrett and Dani.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.19

    1. Haha I guess I forget that other people have feelings! I’m so wrapped up in writing and becoming Dani that I miss the emotions on the outside!

      And who else could come to the rescue but a grandpa (or grandma)?

      1. That happened to me once. The wife of my sims’ eldest son went into labor the day of her daughter’s wedding. Grandma to be drover her daughter in law to the hospital and was the first to fall in love with her granddaughter Pauline. The game chose the name. I nicknamed her Polly.

  1. What a great surprise that she called Grandpa! I think that was a great choice for her to make, he is such a great old guy. And I agree, Beanie is a really cute nickname, it will be hard to give up! I am looking forward to the next chapter! ♡

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