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Behind the Scenes: How I Write

So the last chapter was a bit rough and for that I’m sorry.  My game threw me a curveball and I decided to run with it.  In fact, this is how I do most of my writing.

When I sit down to write, I usually have a vague idea of where things are going to go.  But I have a lot of mods and high free will so sometimes my sims go a little crazy and I always write around what they do regardless of what I wanted them to do.  That is exactly how we ended up in a predicament with Sonia.

I have several mods installed that created the series of events last chapter:

  1. Obviously, woohooer is what caused Sonia’s pregnancy in the first place (fact: Victoria is the “father” of Sonia’s baby because I didn’t have any men around).
  2. Turns out that Cmar’s mod conflicts with some other stuff I have and that caused Sonia to be in labor for five in-game days.  I tried various things to fix her including sending her to hospital (it didn’t work).  Finally, I had to use Cmar’s mod to end the pregnancy, woohooer to have Victoria get Sonia pregnant (again), and then use cmar’s mod to “give birth now” bypassing labor altogether.
  3. Children of the Moon randomly assigns a supernatural trait to a baby born on the night of a full moon.  Guess what?  It happened to be a full moon on the night Sonia finally gave birth and the baby was assigned the ghost trait.
  4. I have no idea what Dani did to upset Sonia.  That fight happened for no reason that I could figure out in game.

As I was sitting there thinking, “How the hell is this going to come together?!” I was popping around Ridge Hall to see what the girls were up to and found Dani with the teddy bear.


In that one screenshot, I realized exactly how it was going to happen.  I pounded out the chapter in my mind that night and I only had to grab a few extra screenshots to pull it together (the phone call to mystery person for example).

I know that some of my chapters and plots are not really…consistent.  Now you know why.

Note: I’d also like to mention that I was not trivializing the issue of stillbirths and miscarriages.  I do realize that there is very real pain and suffering attached to the death of an infant, even one that was never met.  The fact that Sonia still has a child after he passed away during birth is merely an action of the game and not meant to cause any harm to anyone.  I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with this plot.

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: How I Write

    1. Penny has a terrible habit of turning off the lights and then getting the “It’s Dark” moodlet. Yes, Penny, it is dark when you turn off the lights. What, pray tell, did you expect was going to happen?

  1. I was never offended by how you wrote the chapter, but it did greatly disturb me and so I thank you for your note at the bottom. It’s something that you never ever get over. I felt so bad for Sonia. Will Dani and Sonia make up before Dani goes home?

    1. Sonia and Dani do not makeup, unfortunately, at least not right away.

      Having never been in those shoes myself, I did not want to come off as flippant because Sonia still walks away with a baby in this version. However, after my sister’s harrowing delivery of my niece, I have such great respect for the peril that comes with being born. My sister was lucky but I have friends who did not have that happy ending.

      So anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that I have so much respect for those who have walked that path and I would never make light of that.

  2. So, are you leaving it as an actual baby that died, and now is a ghost, or explaining it as a baby with the ghost trait (in story,I mean ). Your story has never offended me, as it is an artistic endeavor. I’m sure that being somewhat restricted by the free will and mods, it increases the difficulty in making a cohesive story, which I think you do very well! =) Looking forward to the next chapter!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m leaving it that he died and is a ghost. You’ll learn more about it in the next chapter when our mystery guest will explain some things about being a mother to Dani before we meet Baby Beanie!

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