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Back Home: Part 2

Penny and Finn work together on a present for Dani and Baby Bean.

It took a bit but Finn and I came up with a plan we felt might work for our family.

We sold the horses and the training grounds and some of our properties around town.

And we bought a piece of land that happened to be right next to ours.

“You’re sure that you didn’t pick this because it is next door to us and across the street from Aiden?”

“Of course that has nothing to do with it, Finn.  I was just up for sale at the same time that we needed it.”

“Uh huh.”

I sent Finn off to the store to buy some supplies.  I was going to need a lot of stuff for my idea to come to fruition.

I had an architect in town draw up some plans for a tiny two-bedroom house.  Then I called Adam, Finn, Aiden, Owen, Grandpa Victor, and whomever else I could to lend a hand in the building.

It took a few months but we finished it.

It was modest at best but it would be hers when she got home.

“Do you think we should knock?”

“Who’s going to answer the door, Finn?”

“I don’t know…it just feels weird barging in now that it’s finished.”

He wasn’t wrong so we knocked before letting ourselves into what we were calling “Ellie Jayne’s Dollhouse.”

We hoped it would have everything she would want or need in a house.  We felt it was important for her to feel independent but know we’re right next door if she needs us.  Plus, I planned to offer to babysit everyday while she went to class.

Yes, I was trying to buy my daughter’s love but I wasn’t sure where I lost it to begin with.  I just wanted her to know it was always there regardless of my failings.

Name That Baby: Poll Closed


Ok, since the votes for Violet Grace and Hadley Rose were sooooooo close, we shall have another vote.  This time, one vote per person and voting will close on Sunday (when I write the next chapter).  While I personally think the kiddo is a Violet, I feel like throwing it back to my readers.

(I swear I don’t have a paper to write…I’m just feeling extra needy about getting this name 100% correct in the eyes of my readers.  There’s nothing to see here.  Vote and move along, please.  Hum dee tum tee dum…)


Chapter 4.19

Welcome Baby Beanie!


Pregnancy Progress: Any day now!
Next Doctor’s Appointment: When the kid pops out!
Notes about Pregnancy: Dear God, let’s get this over with…

June dawned rainy and gray.  I was hopeful that this would not become a trend.  Ever since Timothy’s arrival on that horrible rainy May day, I’ve felt that rain is not a good omen.

“Ugh.  How am I ever going to make it in art school when my paintings look like a 5-year-old made them,” I sighed out loud to myself.  “Beanie, we might be in a bit of trouble with this one…”  I was interrupted from my self-pity party by Willow.

“DANI!  SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!”  Just because we are mothers now does not mean we have big girl manners.

I waddled (yes, I waddled) down the hall to see whomever decided to show up on my behalf.

“GRANDPA!  You came!”  I waddled over to him as fast as I could.

“Of course I came, kiddo,” he said as he wrapped me into a hug.  “How could I not come after your call?”

“Because I’m a coward who ran away from everyone without telling them where I was going or why?  That’s how.”

“Danielle, there are some things that just surpass others.  You saved me when your grandmother died.  You were only a little thing so you don’t know just how much I needed you then.  Clearly, you needed me now and nothing was going to stop me from making my way to you.”

I hugged him again and filled him in on everything that brought me to that phone call.  “Wait…does Mom know you’re here?  Does she know why I’m here?”

He sighed.  “I didn’t tell her but you’re a fool if you think she doesn’t know.  Now, can I please introduce myself to that great-granddaughter of mine?”

“Hello, sweet one!  It’s great-grandpa!  Hello!  Hello!  Peek-a-boo!”  The old man was still gaa-gaa about his family despite being almost 90.

Sonia soon realized that she was completely in love with Timmy.  Regardless of who or what he was, he was still her son and there was no overcoming how much she loved him.  I was sad that we didn’t talk as much as we used to, I wasn’t quite sure how to fix what I’d done and I don’t think she knew how to either.  So we let it be and avoided each other when we could.

Meanwhile, Grandpa had some lessons to teach me.

“What do you know, Grandpa?  Mom totally does not understand what it’s like to be in my position.  She’s led this great life and nothing has ever been this scary for her!”

“Now you listen here, Danielle Jayne McNamara.  There is more to your mother than meets the eye.  I might not know everything but I know my family and your mother’s life better than you do.  There are quite a few things you don’t know about that woman.  She is stronger than you’ll ever know, child, and I would behoove you to give her more credit than you do.”

Grandpa had never spoken to me so harshly and in response I turned and ran from the room.

To my credit, I did think about what he said.  Even in the last year I’d learned more about my mother than I learned in the previous 17 years.  She was a doctor.  Not just that but a world famous brain surgeon.  What else was she hiding that caused Grandpa to lash out so angrily?

Beanie decided I should think less about it and let me know by kicking violently in my belly.  “Alright, Bean, we’ll get you some cookies.”

Grandpa didn’t really have a room to sleep in during his stay so he slept in the rocking chair in my bedroom.  I didn’t admit to it, but it made me feel better knowing he was nearby as my due date lurched ever closer.

Finally, on June 15th it was time.

“Oh my God!  Grandpa!  Help help help!”

He calmly helped me find my clothes, my suitcase, and baby bag before leading me downstairs to the car.  Miss Sylvia had agreed that I would be allowed to go to the hospital to have my baby since I wasn’t there under any special contract.

Grandpa drove me to the hospital in silence and quietly patted my knee or held my hand during contractions.

He waited until we arrived to totally go bananas.  Clearly, he was excited about his great-granddaughter.  Who was I to begrudge him a moment of happy-dancing.

14 hours later my daughter arrived safe and whole into this topsy-turvy world.  We were allowed to go home the next evening (I was still shocked they let me leave with a baby and no instructions).

Grandpa sat next to me in the taxi and I was so tired that I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder and my baby in my arms.  The fun, sleepless nights were only just beginning.

Note from SweetPoyzin: You’ve got to check out the gallery on Flickr!  I was super in love with Dani’s baby bump so lots of that over there plus some adorable pictures of Garrett and Dani.

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Saturday Spotlight

Just a rundown of some changes I’ve recently made to the blog navigation!

Hello dear friends!

Just a quick update on some changes I made to the blog today!

  1. I updated the blooper reel.  You can access that on the top menu of the main page.
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  4. A final edit, Penny and Finn also have an album now.  They still exist even though they aren’t my main focus anymore.

Dani’s baby arrives on Monday!  Make sure you vote in the naming poll if you haven’t already (or vote again if you like)!

See you soon!

Behind the Scenes: How I Write

Come learn about how Chapter 4.18 (and others) came to be!

So the last chapter was a bit rough and for that I’m sorry.  My game threw me a curveball and I decided to run with it.  In fact, this is how I do most of my writing.

When I sit down to write, I usually have a vague idea of where things are going to go.  But I have a lot of mods and high free will so sometimes my sims go a little crazy and I always write around what they do regardless of what I wanted them to do.  That is exactly how we ended up in a predicament with Sonia.

I have several mods installed that created the series of events last chapter:

  1. Obviously, woohooer is what caused Sonia’s pregnancy in the first place (fact: Victoria is the “father” of Sonia’s baby because I didn’t have any men around).
  2. Turns out that Cmar’s mod conflicts with some other stuff I have and that caused Sonia to be in labor for five in-game days.  I tried various things to fix her including sending her to hospital (it didn’t work).  Finally, I had to use Cmar’s mod to end the pregnancy, woohooer to have Victoria get Sonia pregnant (again), and then use cmar’s mod to “give birth now” bypassing labor altogether.
  3. Children of the Moon randomly assigns a supernatural trait to a baby born on the night of a full moon.  Guess what?  It happened to be a full moon on the night Sonia finally gave birth and the baby was assigned the ghost trait.
  4. I have no idea what Dani did to upset Sonia.  That fight happened for no reason that I could figure out in game.

As I was sitting there thinking, “How the hell is this going to come together?!” I was popping around Ridge Hall to see what the girls were up to and found Dani with the teddy bear.


In that one screenshot, I realized exactly how it was going to happen.  I pounded out the chapter in my mind that night and I only had to grab a few extra screenshots to pull it together (the phone call to mystery person for example).

I know that some of my chapters and plots are not really…consistent.  Now you know why.

Note: I’d also like to mention that I was not trivializing the issue of stillbirths and miscarriages.  I do realize that there is very real pain and suffering attached to the death of an infant, even one that was never met.  The fact that Sonia still has a child after he passed away during birth is merely an action of the game and not meant to cause any harm to anyone.  I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with this plot.

Chapter 4.18

The world shatters for the girls at Ridge Hall.

Note from SweetPoyzin: It’s a long one.  Language warning.  Content may be upsetting to some.


Pregnancy Progress: 7.5 months down…almost there!
Next Doctor’s Appointment: Next Month
Notes about Pregnancy: I still haven’t named my bean, yet.  And my back hurts.

Once our babies arrived, Miss Sylvia let us do our own thing for the most part.  She kept a watchful eye in case we needed her, or carried the baby by the head, but I think we’ll do just fine.

Well, relatively speaking that is.  Willow is the only one of us with a kid at this point.  She’s really taken to motherhood though.  She’s amazing with Noah and I kinda hope I’m as good as she is when my own kid arrives.

Sonia was due any day now.  We all just kinda let her be since she’s turned into a real preggersaurus lately.  I mean, I guess we can’t really blame her.  She’s huge and like 4 days overdue but still — steer clear of that one.

I’ve started branching out in my artistic pursuits.  I figure I’ll probably be a painter but I thought it would be a good idea to round out my skills with some musical instruments.  I’m not saying I’m George Gershwin or anything but I’m pretty good.


Finally, on the 29th of May, Sonia went into labor.  Little did we know it was going to change everything for our ramshackle family.

Miss Sylvia hustled Sonia into the birthing room on the 2nd floor and sent us all on our way again.  She told us it would be awhile but now that we had one birth under our belt we were confident in our ability to hold it together.

I went downstairs to do my homework because I’m that girl.  It was nearly impossible to concentrate with Sonia moaning in the birthing room.  Combined with the thunder and rain it was like a God damned horror movie in my very own house.

Miss Sylvia even needed a break.  Sonia was six hours into her labor at this point and we were all getting antsy listening to her.

“Now don’t you worry for even a minute, Danielle.  I’ve delivered many a stubborn baby.  Some little ones just take their time much to their mother’s dismay.”  Miss Sylvia tried to calm us all with music but Sonia’s sobbing was too much for us.

By dinner time Sonia had been in labor for about 13 hours.  I ate alone since Willow and Victoria needed a break from the commotion.  They took little Noah outside to see the cows.  He was totally underwhelmed by the adventure and passed out before they even got to the barn.

Even though we all knew we weren’t going to sleep that night, we still kept to the routine and went to our rooms by 10 o’clock.  It was the worst night of my life to date.

“Please, please, Miss Sylvia.  I can’t do this!”

“You’ve got to, child.  Ain’t nobody here who can do it for ya.”

“I CAN’T!  Something’s wrong.”

“You let me worry about what’s right or wrong, Sonia.  You just worry about getting this little boy here.”

When I couldn’t take it any longer, I retreated to the art room to hide in my paintings.

By 5am the next morning, Miss Sylvia realized she was in over her head with this one.

She broke protocol and took Sonia to the hospital after 23 hours of labor.  Granted, she called a cab rather than risk having Sonia’s name broadcast all over police scanners, but still, babies were to be born in this house for a reason.

It continued to rain all morning.  By 3 o’clock we still hadn’t gotten a status update but the clock told us Sonia had been in labor for almost 36 hours.

I continued to paint.

7pm rolled around and we still had no word from the hospital.  Willow buried herself in caring for Noah.  All she could talk about was how grateful she was that he arrived quickly and safely.  We seconded her notion and continued to make small talk.  Nobody was hungry and by 10 o’clock we decided it was a good idea to go to bed.

I couldn’t sleep again.  I wandered up to the playroom on the third floor and found myself a cuddle buddy.  I suddenly realized that happy endings are surprisingly hard to come by.  You’re lucky if you break even in life.  I sat on the couch and cried.  I cried for my daughter who was entering a world of confusion and uncertainty.  I cried for my parents and how I’d let them down.  I cried for myself and everything that I was losing.  Too tired to even climb onto the couch, I cried myself into the oblivion of a dreamless sleep on the playroom floor.

I woke up a few hours later.  There was noise in Sonia’s room!

I crept down the stairs and listened.  After some mumbled cursing I realized that Sonia was indeed back home.

I knocked quietly.


“It’s Dani,” I whispered.  “Can I come in?”

“Ok, but don’t freak out…”

What was that supposed to mean?

“Hey,” I said cautiously, “how are you?”

“Well, you know, I’ve been better.”

“Oh, yeah I can imagine.  Um…how’s…?”  I didn’t immediately see her son so I didn’t know how to finish that sentence.  Luckily, Sonia knew what I was thinking.

“Here,” she said as she thrust the tiny ghost at me, “this is Timothy.”

Despite his most obvious issue, he was perfect.  He had all his fingers and toes.  And adorable head of hair.  He even had Sonia’s nose.

“He’s beautiful, Sonia!”  Beanie started doing somersaults in my belly, “and Beanie thinks so, too!”


I tucked little Timothy into his crib and marveled again at how precious he was.

“Gosh, Sonia, he really is just adorable.”

“Shut the fuck up right now.  DO YOU HEAR ME!?  Don’t ever tell me my son is perfect again.  He’s dead.

The look of pure hatred in her eyes was enough to send me reeling.

“But that doesn’t mean anything, Sonia!  My great-grandpa died before he married my great-grandma and everything was fine for them!  Timmy is still perfect!”

“Do you think this is a game?  It’s not, you stupid twit!  I was in labor for 39 hours and look at what it got me.  My baby is dead.  And you’re baby is going to come out alive and everyone is going to love her.”

“Everyone is going to love Timmy, too,” I pleaded with her.  Sonia would have none of it.

“Are you that dense?  You came here on your own!  My parents sent me here to hide me because I was too embarrassing for them.  Do you really think they are going to welcome their daughter and dead grandson with open arms!?  No, they aren’t.  You’re pretty fucking lucky and you don’t even care.”

“I get it, Sonia.  I’m sorry!”  But she was on a roll and there was no stopping this train.

“You think Willow and I are spoiled because we have rich parents?  Well, you’re wrong.  We’re raised by nannies who get paid to like us.  We’re shuttled from one event to the other like God damned accessories.  Here you have parents who love you and yet you come here to hide from them like a fucking pussy.  Well I’ve got news for you, kid.  You’ve got a baby on the way and you’d better grow the fuck up.”

Her tirade continued but I didn’t stay to listen anymore.  I ran from her room and crashed through my door.

I sat down on the edge of my bed to catch my breath.  I was on the verge of hysterics but I needed to pull my shit together.  I needed to call someone.

Hello…?  Hello?”

“I can’t do this anymore!  I can’t have my baby at Ridge Hall!  I don’t want her to die.  Please, please don’t make me have her here!  Please!  I want to go to the hospital!  Please!  Don’t leave me here!”

Danielle?  What?  Hang on…what?”

“Please don’t make me do this alone!  I need help!”

Hang in there, kiddo!  I’m on my way!”

After hearing those words, I passed out.

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Chapter 4.17

Baby Noah’s on his way!

Note from SweetPoyzin: Not safe for work.


Pregnancy Progress: 6 months down, 3 to go!
Next Doctor’s Appointment: Next Month
Notes about Pregnancy: Oh my God.  I have to name my daughter.  Also, why do I still have morning sickness?!

It was seriously the ass crack of dawn…

I had no idea what woke me up but I knew it was super pissed about it.

Then I realized that Willow was in labor.  Like big time.  Yelling, screaming, flailing labor.

Everyone was already upstairs in the living room near Willow’s bedroom by the time I got there.  We chattered back and forth about random crap until Miss Sylvia appeared.

“Girls, it’s going to be a long wait.  She’s still early.  Why don’t you all go downstairs and get started on some school stuff while I help Willow.”

We waited a little while longer but Willow’s moans became too much for us and we slowly wandered off one-by-one.  I headed downstairs to work on some school stuff but apparently I was the only one to follow Miss Sylvia’s directions.

When I finished, I found everyone in the upstairs common room.  Victoria was watching some true crime show and Sonia was chatting online with her boyfriend.  Surprise, surprise.

“RAWR!”  I poked Victoria just when the wife shot her husband…on TV, of course.

“JESUS!  What the hell was that for!”

“I dunno.  Just bored, I guess.  I’m super mature when I’m bored.”

Just then we heard one more loud scream and then a very tiny one.

“HE’S HERE!  Score!”

Victoria and I continued to celebrate but Sonia was distracted by the video game she was playing with her boyfriend.

A few hours later, Miss Sylvia told us we could visit Willow and Baby Noah.

“Oh my God!  Willow he’s perfect!”  He really was, too.  He was gorgeous and had 10 fingers and 10 toes and the most lovely blue eyes.

“How are you, Wills?”

“Well, I’ve been better.  Aside from feeling like my vagina was ripped in two…I’d say I’m ok.”

“Was it really that bad?!”  This was important news.

“Well, I guess not.”

“Oh that the Lord.”  That’s a relief.

“Ok, but have you ever like eaten a bowling ball?  Like a large, I dunno, 8 pound bowling ball?”

“Umm, no.”

“Doesn’t matter.  Imagine you’ve eaten the 8 pound bowling ball and then pushed it out of a hole the size of a golf ball that’s only stretched to be the size of a small grapefruit..  That’s pretty much what it feels like.”