Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.16


Pregnancy Progress: 5 months down, 4 to go!
Next Doctor’s Appointment: TODAY!
Notes about Pregnancy: It moves!  And I’m three hours away from having a gender pronoun for the baby!

Naturally it was raining today.  It was only the biggest day of my pregnancy so far.  It was my turn to find out the sex of my baby!  Sonia was finding out today as well.  It was a big day all around.

“What the heck are you wearing, Dani!?”  Sonia was just jealous of my tiny belly.  “Wear it while you can because your days are numbered!”

I refused to admit to her just how true that was.  I was actually on my way upstairs to change my clothes while she was teasing me.

Thankfully, Sonia didn’t make any comments when I came back down wearing full out maternity gear.  She did roll her eyes at me a bit while I squealed and clapped and generally made a fool of myself.  I couldn’t help it.  I was excited to know what was growing in my belly.

When we arrived at the hospital, the excitement got the better of Sonia, too.  We raced to the doors, eager to be the first to find out what we were having.

“Well, ladies,” Miss Sylvia was waiting for us outside the hospital, “what do we have cooking?”



“Well, one of each then!  What a spectacular day!  Come on, ladies.  The sun is coming out.  Perhaps we can skip lessons today and you all can head to the beach.”  We squealed some more and hopped into the van for our own visit to the resale shop before the return trip home.

True to her word, Miss Sylvia let us out of afternoon lessons and we ran down to the beach for an afternoon of goofing around.

I was close to everyone in the house, but especially Sonia.  She was due just one month before myself.  I was glad we got to share this big event together.  I hoped our children would be close.  I hoped my daughter would be close to both Sonia’s and Willow’s sons.

After dinner (another pizza party!!!), I emailed Aunt Liv a picture of my daughter.  I hadn’t yet told Mom and Dad.  I would get around to it soon.  Now that I had decided to raise my daughter on my own, there was no avoiding the truth.

That night Sonia had to give her piano recital for us.  I was so grateful for these women.  With Willow’s son due any day now, I had a feeling we would only grow closer as time went on.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.16

  1. A girl!! Will this be the next in line in the lineage?? It might be fun if they do stay friends, and see how their kids’ relationships evolve. I am anxious to see how her parents take this new “bump” in the road!?!

  2. I’m glad that Dani has decided to raise her daughter, but now that she has… it seems a bit sad that her parents never knew and are missing out on things like going to the gender-finding-out appointment with her. Hopefully they’ll understand her reasoning for handling this the way she did. **fingers crossed**

  3. Of course she chose to raise the baby on her own. She’s a stubborn apple, just like her Mother. I’m pleased with her decision though!! I call dibs on babysitting *winks*

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