Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.15


Pregnancy Progress: Finding out soon!
Next Doctor’s Appointment: Today!
Notes about Pregnancy: Still kinda freaked out that I’m growing a human inside me.

Finally it was time for my first official doctor appointment.  It was doubly exciting for Willow because she was going to have her anatomy ultrasound.  After finding out the sex of the baby, we’d get to go shopping for baby stuff.  The girls who got to stay back at Ridge would be waiting for the phone call so they could set up the “baby shower” for when we returned.

“You look nervous, dear.”  Miss Sylvia hit the nail on the head with that one.  “It can’t be helped, I know, but you’ve got to go.  You’ll be fine, sweetheart.”

Willow went first so that I could see how it was done.  While uncomfortable and awkward (for me at least), it was not as bad as I anticipated it would be.  Miss Sylvia was correct in her estimation of my due date.  I was due on June 15th.  It was only a short 5 months away.

While Willow basked in the joy of her baby boy, I was lost in my own thoughts.

Everything was progressing normally with my baby.  My baby.  I even heard a teeny, tiny but impressively strong heartbeat today.  There’s a little human growing inside me.  Before, I was thinking that adoption was my choice but now?  Now what?

After texting the girls back home, Willow broke into my thoughts when she called me to the van.  It was time to go shopping for baby boy stuff!  While exciting, I really just wanted to go home so I could think about what I wanted to do about this situation.

Since we only get to keep the money we earn through our work on the farm, we don’t have an overabundance of money in our private bank accounts.  Therefore, all the baby stuff comes from the resale shop.

It was a bit of a shock for Willow when she couldn’t get the name brand, top-of-the-line baby stuff she wanted.  She eventually worked it out and got some good stuff.  I told her I’d help her paint furniture if it wasn’t the exact right color.

When we got back to Ridge Hall, the girls had set up a pretty fantastic baby shower!  We had balloons, party favors, blue candy apples, and they even managed to print out a large photo of Willow’s son!

Once we played all the party games and cooed over the baby, Miss Sylvia even let us off kitchen duty and ordered us pizza instead.

“What do you all think of the name Noah Zachary Flynn?”  Willow asked in between bites of pizza.

“Is that the name you picked or is it an idea?” Sonia wanted to know.

“Does it matter?”

“Well, kinda,” Victoria chimed, “if you already picked it, then it’s totally great!”

We all left it at that and then went on to do our free time activities.  Sonia wandered off to IM her boyfriend.  Willow went to practice her fashion design.  I could hear Victoria on piano.  I was upstairs thinking about the future.

It was so much easier when it was a baby.  After hearing the heartbeat coming from my belly today it became my baby.  Could I really keep it?  Am I capable of raising a child?  I plotted out a timeline.

If my baby arrives in June, I’d be able to graduate when I returned to Winchester.  I could enroll at Winchester Community College for the summer session.  I’d need to focus my studies on art and not medicine, if I did so, then I could graduate in just two semesters with my art degree.  I don’t know what I’d be able to do with an art degree but I’d be able to support myself and a baby sooner rather than later.

It could work…

With my future decided, I went down into the art room and attempted to learn to paint.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 4.15

  1. Hmmm…I hope she is artistic enough to make a living at it. I’ve never seen a baby who had a former imaginary friend as a parent…ought to be interesting!

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