Eternally Yours

Happy Birthday, Eternally Yours!


Three years ago today I was a month-and-a-half into one of the most difficult years of my life so far.  It also was the day I decided to start writing the story of a fairy and her husband living in the tiny town of Moonlight Falls.  I had a plot in mind for them but things never seem to work out the way you plan and that was true both in game and in my life that year.

Eternally Yours sustained me through my broken wrist, my kidney surgery, my grandmother’s death, getting fired, failing my senior thesis, and a horrible depression that took hold throughout the year.  It wasn’t the blog that kept me going, however.  It was you, my readers, who cheered me on and cheered me up during all the good and bad in my life.  You put up with long disappearances of the author, cruel deaths of beloved characters, hard drive crashes, and everything else I threw your way.  You are AMAZING!

You all know that I have a very passionate love/hate relationship with my blog.  So today, I’m celebrating you!  Without my readers, fans, followers, and lurkers I would have abandoned this hot mess of a story long ago (and it’s only getting messier from here)!  In order to kick this birthday party off the right way, I’m hosting a little lottery.

From now until the February 29th, post your favorite moment from the story in the comments.  On March 1st, I’ll run everyone’s name through a name randomizer and choose a winner!


  • 1st Place: Sims 3 Store World (must be purchasable with simpoints)
  • 2nd Place: Sims 3 Store Set (1900 simpoints or less)
  • 3rd Place: Sims 3 Store Premium content (1000 simpoints or less)
  • Everyone who leaves a comment will get a thank you gift!


  • Post your favorite memory from any generation in the comments
  • Include your Sims 3 username and wishlist in the comment to make it easier to find you if you win

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support over the past three years.  I consider the friends that I’ve made through The Sims to be some of the best I’ve ever had.  I wouldn’t trade you all for anything.

Here’s to more years of fun and madness on Eternally Yours!


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Eternally Yours!

  1. It’s really difficult to pick just one favorite moment. But I laughed out loud when Penny was in France and she was trying to stay out of trouble, then the next picture is of her, all burned up and riding a scooter! hahahaha Still makes me laugh!

  2. I didn’t join the story until Penny, so I really should go back and read from the beginning. Actually, that would be a good idea! I think one of my favorite moments was when they adopted Simon. I had great expectations for that boy!! lol Of course, he was just a dream….=( I must commend you on how you handled your computer rebellion!! You definitely took your lemons and demanded chocolate!! =) Happy Anniversary SweetP!! ♥

  3. Lotus eating her doll in Generation 2 I just love that screenshot and I smile everytime I see it. Plus who doesn’t love a good feast party! 😀 My username is:Princess0384

  4. Mine is when Peter was pregnant with his alien baby. That whole chapter with him giving birth made me laugh.

    When he was reading the sci-do book and then he freaked out when Christopher James Pagano started crying. And Penny was just like “….dude please….” Love it. O personally miss that entire family. Especially the kids. But ah… how the game and computers like to play with our emotions.


  5. Oh man.. I have lots! Peter getting pregnant with an alien, Penny finding out she’s pregnant and it’s NOT menopause, Dani going to Auntie Liv and Liv is like.. this calls for cookies! HAHAHA! Ahhh *sighs* So many good memories!

  6. I love seeing how each generation evolves. I can’t pick just *one* favorite. Lol. But I did love Penny’s dad’s little speech to Finn when they were first expecting. Or was it Mollie’s dad to *her* husband?

  7. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT! And after Dani lost her virginity, how she was inspecting herself for any tell tale signs that the deed was done. I seriously almost peed myself I was laughing so hard.

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