Bonus Post: Inside Finn’s Mind

Here’s Finn’s side of Kari’s story…

Finley Owen McNamara

After writing Kari’s story last week, I thought Finn should have the right to voice his side of things today.


I only realized I was on the pool deck when Aiden kicked me in the stomach a second time.

“You’re lucky I didn’t punch you in the face like you deserve! You should have to go around explaining to everyone why your son beat you bloody! You’re disgusting.” He spit on my face. “I’d tell Mom myself but I think you should get to deal with this mess yourself.” He stormed away leaving his wife cowering near the shed.

The poor thing looked completely shattered. Then again, I suppose I would be, too if I’d just witnessed what she had. I tried to tell her I was alright but I couldn’t speak. He’d really clocked me good. Musta hit my head on the way down because I couldn’t for the life of me recall why I’d ended up taking such a beating from my own son.

After a few more minutes on the ground, I staggered to my feet and looked around. Both Aiden and his wife were nowhere to be found. Penny was over at the barn training horses. Ellie Jayne was…somewhere. After school activity I assume. And the little one was probably with Ellie. Or maybe not. With all the kids and grandkids and horses I always forget who’s doing what these days. I decided to hobble inside to see if anyone was home because I’d need to make dinner.

Turns out both the girls were home. Neither of them saw Aiden or Kari so they were unable to shed light on my injuries. I didn’t mention it either because I didn’t want to scare them. Instead I asked what they wanted for dinner.

“Oh, Daddy, please don’t cook again! You’re a terrible cook. You always burn the food!”

“Now that is so not true, Ellie, and you know it! Yes, I get a little distracted now and then but that’s only because of you girls running around and asking for help on your homework.”

“Just make microwave hot dogs, Daddy. At least those are harder to ruin,” she sighed and wandered into the dining room to start her homework. She’s been a spitfire lately but I wouldn’t expect anything less. Still, I took her advice and made hotdogs.

After dinner I sat in the living room and waited for Penny to get home. My stomach and back hurt like hell. I must have injured myself working out this afternoon.