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Bonus Post: Kari’s Story

Note from SweetPoyzin: One of my loyal followers really wanted Aiden to get what was coming to him for leaving Kari.  There’s more to that story.  Perhaps it will change your thoughts about Aiden or Kari.  There’s more than one side to every story.


You know, you never get married picturing yourself getting divorced. But I guess I’m not all that surprised that I ended up on the losing side of marriage. I’m not sure everyone is meant to be married. Maybe our marriage just started out on the wrong foot? Does a marriage even have a leg to stand on when you’re only drawn together because of the Italian countryside? Who knows? I do know one thing…no girl can resist a red-headed man playing the guitar at sunset.

I was 22 when I ran across Aiden playing the guitar in the town square of Monte Vista. The sun setting behind him made him shine with an other-worldly glow. I was immediately entranced and it didn’t help that he smiled when he saw me watching him. When he finished playing and collected all his tips, he came over and invited me out for a bottle of wine. Little did I know what an impact that would have on my future.

That first dinner was perfect. He told me about his family and was surprised to know that I had heard of his mother. I hadn’t met anyone who didn’t know about world-famous neurosurgeon Penelope Hanks, her sordid love affair with criminal mastermind Xander Sutton, and the car crash that forced her to leave medicine behind. He hadn’t heard any of it but at the same time he hadn’t lived at home since his acceptance into the Florence Art Academy 10 years prior.

We had what might be called a whirlwind romance. Why wouldn’t we? We were both 22, fresh out of art school, and living in Europe. The world was ours for the taking. We backpacked around Italy all the while regaling each other with tales from our childhoods. His, in a small farming community where he grew up with doting parents. Mine, in a big city where I was raised by nannies while my socialite parents grew their fortunes. We couldn’t be more different and I think that’s exactly what I loved about him.

We were camping somewhere just outside of Rome when it finally happened. We were drunk on cheap wine and stars when Aiden looked over at me.

“Let’s get married and start a family,” he said dreamily.

Why not? I thought to myself. I’d always wanted to be a full-time mother and a part-time writer and now was as good a time as any to start.

We married two days later in Rome and a few weeks after that, I learned I was pregnant. By the time Bradley arrived, out lease was up and we didn’t have the cash to find another apartment. Aiden suggested we stay with his parents until we got on our feet again. Reluctant to impose on my new in-laws, I agreed only after Aiden promised we wouldn’t stay long.

Aiden told me his parents lived in a small town but that was an understatement. I was envisioning a small town just on the outskirts of a city. In reality, they lived on a small island surrounded by water as far as the eye could see. I was grateful for my in-laws hospitality, but I was more than eager to return to the city — any city — where Aiden and I could really spread our wings as a family.

That’s why, I was horrified when Aiden burst into the tiny bedroom that we shared together with our 8-month-old son and informed me that he had bought a house just down the road from his parents.

“Are you kidding?! We didn’t even discuss it! I shrieked at him.

“Honey, you’ve got to see it first! It’s two bedrooms! Perfect for us and Bradley.” His eyes begged me to love it as much as he did.

“Oh, perfect for us and Bradley! What about the new baby?! There’s four of us now, you ass!” He looked momentarily confused before remembering that just last week I’d discovered I was pregnant again.

After another heated exchange Aiden stormed out of our room. I decided to cool off, literally and figuratively, by the McNamara’s pool. My father-in-law, Finn, was also outside.

“Kari! Are you alright?” What a dumb question. I was sobbing. No, I was not alright.

I explained to Mr. McNamara what happened between Aiden and I. I thought I had offended him by mentioning that I didn’t want to live in such a small town. Instead, I found myself wrapped in an uncomfortable hug. When finally he pulled away, he gazed into my eyes as he caressed my cheek. I was horrified. I had just met this man, my husband’s father. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. That’s when I noticed Aiden through the kitchen window.

The next day, Aiden filed for divorce. Neither one of us ever mentioned the incident again. I didn’t tell Mrs. McNamara what happened and Mr. McNamara acted like it never even occurred. Aiden immediately moved in with another woman, a proper farm girl apparently. His parents assumed that he’d been having an affair all along, so they bought me a house to alleviate their guilt. I never did get out of this stupid hick town.

For those of you wondering if what happened between Kari and Finn actually took place: Yes

For those of you now wondering if Finn acted autonomously: Yes

Finn did in fact hit on his former daughter-in-law.  Kari, for her part, did feel like he was acting creepy.  Aiden actually beat up his dad and now they are enemies.  Penny, as far as the author knows, is unaware of any of digressions.

11 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Kari’s Story

  1. I do miss Penny’s old life. I liked those characters (specially, the children). But this is turning out to be an interesting twist of events.

    I like Kari, though. I’m excited to see what Dani is going to do!

    1. I’m glad this post was so well received! I was going to keep Finn’s horrible secret for him until bmit got all on Aiden’s case (love you, bee!) and I felt the need to defend him. Dani will be an adventure. I have to say that Gen 4 has been my favorite to write so far and it’s only going to get better! It’s really going to test my limits as a writer!

  2. Wow, if you could arrange Penny and Peter to “meet” somehow, like in one of those mind-shattering deja vu moments, or a dream, or…well, you are the author!!! I would love it…broke my heart when her life was so suddenly ripped away! (You did a great job of compensating for your computer sabotaging you, however!!) ♥

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