Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.11

“Um, you guys…”

“YOU GUYS!”  Today was the day mom had planned to have the family Christmas card photo taken.  However, my parents were being seriously gross.

“Oh my God.  Can you guys stop kissing for like 2 seconds!?  The photographer is going to be here soon.  Also, ew.  Get it together!  Geez.”

They did manage to stop kissing briefly enough to have our photos taken.  First it was just those of us still left in this hell-hole.  Er…house.

Then Owen and Aiden came over for a family picture.  You might be wondering where the wives and other are, but if you’ve ever taken a photo with 1 teen, 6 kids, and 5 toddlers you know what a fail that is.  So we didn’t even try.

Christmas Eve rose over the town with a blanket of snow.

I mean, it was pretty and all that, but school was already on holiday break anyway.  What good is snow without a snow day?

We had plans, though!  Mom made her famous cinnamon rolls and we wolfed them down fast.  Then Annie and I raced off to get dressed.  It was Winter Carnival day!

Despite the fact that I nearly killed myself…like 8 times…I still had a super fun time learning to snowboard.

While I tried not to kill myself, Mom, Dad, and Annie went ice skating.  Owen and Aiden brought their kids to the festival as well so we got to hangout together.

They were really comical.  Granted, Annie and I are obviously not winter sports whizzes, but Lily was awful and Annie paid for it!

Chris wasn’t that great either but at least he was only hurting himself!

Mom and Dad continued their kissy-kissy, lovey-dovey vomit- fest.  They were able to pull themselves apart long enough to tell us it was time to leave.

When we got home, Mom and Dad let us open a Christmas present early.  It was a new Playstation!  Dad hooked it up and we played a few games of MarioKart before dinner.  Mom royally kicked our butts.

While Mom made dinner, Annie and I hung out with Dad and watched a scary movie.  I mean, it was Christmas Eve after all.  Why would we watch something festive?

Mom made the most amazing steak and green beans for dinner.  After she and dad played footsie under the table for the entire meal, I decided to give them some private time.  I told Annie to grab her snow boots and meet me outside.

I don’t know what Mom and Dad did while I entertained the kidlet (and I don’t want to know) but chances are it was not as much fun as Annie and I had (don’t even try to dispute it…ew)!

Annie built an evil snowman which seems to mean she’s not adopted (Aunt Liv has the Grim Reaper on her front lawn).  Then we made snow angels because snow devils are tricky.

“Hey, Annie!  Look!  Is that Santa on the roof?!”


Naturally, this led to an epic snowball fight…

…With lots of name-calling!

It had just started to snow again when we decided to head inside.  After catching a few snowflakes on our tongues, Annie asked me to read her a bedtime story.

And because I am the best daughter, I made sure that I read The Night Before Christmas while Annie fell asleep in Mom and Dad’s bed.  That will stop them from any Christmas Eve hanky-panky.  Nasty.

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