Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.10

Note from SweetPoyzin: Here’s your make-up post that was supposed to come out on Monday.  Sorry!

I was super excited to find out Aunt Liv and Uncle Mike were going to move to Winchester permanently!  She was a bazillion times cooler than my mom and I quickly found myself spending tons of time at her house.

“Ok, Dani, when kids come to the door you have to show up with a glowing apple.”

“On Halloween right, Aunt Liv?”

“No, pretty much whenever.  You’re a witch, deary.  Make it worth it!”

She’d taken to calling me Dani because Ellie Jayne was cute, but it was way too farm-girl for Aunt Liv.  I had to agree with her.  I mean, I’m certainly no city chick but I’m so not a cow girl.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince anyone else to go with the name change.

“Ok, when I throw flames, what do you counter with, Dani?”  Aunt Liv was helping me work on my magic skills since mom never trained me or even let me win on occasion.

“I’m way ahead of you!  Ok?  GO!”

“Fantastic, Dani!  Perfect!”

“Woot!  I win!  I win!  I kicked your ass!  I am awesome!”

“You’re next lesson will involve some tips on sportsmanship, child.”

My rendezvous with Oscar had taken a toll on my grades and before I knew it, I was failing.  Big time.

Luckily, I had Muppet to keep me company while I studied late in to the night…every night.

I also had Aunt Liv to help me because, naturally, I wasn’t about to tell my mom that I was failing my senior year of high school.


“Dani, we aren’t even studying math right now.  This is your guitar lesson?  Where is your brain these days, child?”

“Oh, um, I don’t know?”  I really didn’t.  I was becoming more flakey by the minute and it was more than a little unnerving.

“Alright, well, grab your guitar and come outside.”

“It’s snowing, Aunt Liv!”

“Yes, but a little cold might wake up some brain cells.  Get going!”

It was not nearly as useful as Aunt Liv thought it would be but at least I learned my piece for the concert.

One of the best parts of having Aunt Liv around were her stories about Mom as a kid.

“And so even though she was a NEURO SURGEON she still totally freaked out when I went into labor!”

“OMG!  Wait…mom was a brain surgeon?”  I’d never heard that one before.  I couldn’t see my mom as a doctor.

“Oh yeah!  She was very famous and well respected.  She started practicing right after she got back from her tour of France, China, and Egypt.”

“Seriously!   Mom traveled the world!?  No way!”

“There’s a lot to your mother that you don’t realize, Dani.  Give her time.  She’ll tell you.”

I gave my aunt a high five and headed home wondering who my mother really was.

Aunt Liv didn’t give me much time to dwell on that though.  She came over later and whooped my ass at video games.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 4.10

  1. Caught where “Dani” comes from, now! I like her aunt, for sure; everyone needs one like that. Just think, you have a niece to ‘help’ with in the future!! =)

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