Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.8

With homecoming right around the corner, I tried to be as good a daughter as possible.  I did homework without being asked and even helped Annie with hers, too.  I did dishes, I did laundry, I fed the dogs.  I stopped just shy of repainting the house but I would have done it if necessary!

When I wasn’t being “Daughter of the Year,” I was out on dates with Oscar, desperately trying to get him to ask me to the dance.  I even took him to my favorite spot by the ocean.  It was super secluded and not many people in town knew about it.

“I’m not the best chef, Oscar…” That was an understatement.  I burned hot dogs.  It takes a special person to do that.

“Dude, seriously, you don’t have to eat those.”

“They’re delicious, Ellie Jayne.”  I could tell he was just being nice.  He was turning a slight green color.

“Here.  Just let me conjure something else.”  We gorged on apples because that’s all I can really conjure at this point.  It’s not like I’m a genie.

I’m pretty sure I’m winning him over.  He’s taking me to the dance whether he likes it or not!

I was trying to advance my magic skills as well.  I was dying to be a higher level witch but I couldn’t seem to master my spells.

Aside from lighting myself on fire, all I was capable of was conjuring apples.

Mom was trying to help me get better.  However, she’s a wee bit competitive and kept kicking my ass with her level 10 skills.  I mean, she doesn’t even have to try all that hard.

“DADDY!  Mom’s doing it again!”

“Doing what, Ellie Jayne?”

“She’s beating me with magic!”

“That’s nice, dear.  Just don’t let the neighbors see any bruises.”

Obviously, I’m on my own in this house.

Oscar and I continued to date throughout the fall and things were going pretty well!  He finally asked me to go steady.  Apparently, he didn’t know all that much about dating and dances and whatnot.  That’s not something you really think about as an imaginary friend I suppose.  Either way, we sorted it out and told my parents we were officially dating.

He still had to live in the barn, but I at least let him come over to the house for meals and whatnot.

Mom was still not super keen on the idea of me having a boyfriend over so often.  She tried to break up our dates as often as possible.

“Did you two know that yellow fever causes you to ooze blood from your eyes and vomit uncontrollably?!”

“Is now the time for a health lesson, Mom?”

“We could talk about genital herpes if you’d prefer, Ellie Jayne.”

Needless to say, we could not have dates at my house.  Since we were both unemployed, Oscar and I tried to find as many free things to do as possible.  Anything to get away from my mom.

We spent a lot of our dates attending SimFests at the local coffee houses.  They weren’t always good but we at least had a good laugh.

The week before the dance, I realized I’d have to make a move with the parents or go stag.  Oscar agreed to take me and I needed to tell my parents.  I also wanted more time alone with Oscar and I needed a cover story.  Sadly, my mother knows all the tricks.  Dad, however, is more trusting and clueless.  I had to get him alone.

One night, Mom was out with the trips giving Mo and Owen a night out alone.

Annie was over at Aiden and Arrietty’s house babysitting.

It was the perfect time to take my chances with Dad.

“Daddy, Oscar is going to take me to homecoming and then we’re going to a lock-in afterwards.”

“Hm.  Where’s the lock-in, kiddos?”

“It’s in the church basement.  You know, where Mo and Owen got married?”  I batted my eyelashes like I used to do as a little girl.  It always worked.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun, Mr. McNamara.  The school is providing chaperons and the whole senior class is invited!”  Oscar was really winning over my dad with the whole Sir and Mr. McNamara routine.

“Well, alright.  But you have to be home by 10am the next day, Ellie Jayne.  Oscar, I don’t care what you do after you drop my daughter off.  She best be in one piece and sober.”  Dad started to leave the room.  We were home free!  “And if you so much as touch her, or even think about touching her, I will kill you.  That’s not a threat, by the way.  It’s just the cold, hard truth.”

I watched my father leave the room and I thought to myself, I wonder what Daddy will do if he finds out there’s not a lock in at all…

5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.8

  1. Oh, that little stinker, I love her!!! Some things never change, such as teenage girls…hehehe! I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks, Kait! ♥ (isn’t Ellie Jayne next in line, not Dani, or did I get confused? – easy to do!)

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