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Tutorial: Packaging and Merging Your Custom Content

Hi everyone!

As I’ve poured more and more CC into my game, I’ve found it is much easier to convert .sims3pack files into .package files.  This makes moving certain bits of CC in and out of the faster than having to search through the launcher in order to uninstall it.  And on the rare occasion that I download bad CC, it makes testing CC easier as well.

I was talking about converting my files on Facebook and since some people don’t know how to convert files, I thought I’d make a little tutorial for ya’ll.  It’s my first tutorial, so I can’t promise greatness, but perhaps it will help some of you.


This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of downloading and extracting files.  If you don’t know about CC, read up on the basics of custom content and make sure you have your mods folder properly installed.

MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ENTIRE SIMS 3 FILE JUST IN CASE!  This way, if something goes wrong you won’t lose anything!


  • Hacks/Mods
  • Skintones
  • Default Replacements
  • Poses

STEP 1: Download and install Delphy’s Multipack Installer and s3pe Package Editor.

s3pe is a .exe file and will install on its own once you open the download.  Delphy’s Multipack intstaller will require you to extract the file with 7-zip first.

After you install these programs, create two files on your desktop: “Sims3Packs” and “Packages”

These will come in handy once we start the conversion process.

STEP 2: Find the CC you want and download it.

Easy enough.  I’m going to start with a set because that makes my naming conventions easier.

I’ve chosen NynaeveDesigns Sonic Bathroom from The Sims Resource.  It’s got 12 items and we’re going to reduce that down to 1.

STEP 3: Extract the .sims3pack files and move them to the Sims3Packs folder you created on the desktop.

Having the folders easily accessible and appropriately named will make it easier for you start the conversion process.

Everything in your “Sims3Pack” folder should be a .sims3pack denoted by the little Sims 3 icon.

STEP 4: Convert your .sims3pack files to .package files.

Open the Delphy’s Multipack Installer.

First, we’re going to tell the program where to get the Sims3Pack files from.  Click the first browse button and in the window that opens, locate the “Sims3Pack” folder that you made on your desktop.  Highlight it and click ok.

Then, we’re going to tell the program where to put the converted files.  Click the second browse button and in the window that opens, locate the “Packages” folder that you made on your desktop.  Highlight it and click ok.

Now verify that the Multipack Installer is going to pull from the folder “Sims3Packs” and extract to “Packages”.  Once you’re sure this is correct, click “Extract.”

Double check that everything worked by opening the “Packages” folder on your desktop.  Everything should either say .package or just have a blank paper for an icon.

STEP 5: Merge your .package files.


Optional: Remove anything from your “Packages” folder that you don’t want in your game.  For example, if you don’t want the bathroom rug in your game, remove it from your “Packages” folder by deleting it or putting it somewhere else on your desktop.  Once you merge the packages, you can’t easily pull them apart.  So be really sure you want all this CC in your game!

Open s3pe.

You’ll want to start a new project by selecting new from the “File” menu at the top of the window.

You should get a big blank space that looks like this:

Right click anywhere in the white box.  A menu list will pop up.  Choose “Import” and then “From Package”

Search your desktop for the “Packages” folder and open it.

Select all the files in the “Packages” folder and click “Open”

Import them into the program.

Click “Yes” in the next popup window.

The program will now open a window asking you to save your merged file.  Where you save the file and how you name it is up to you.  Typically, I save my file to my desktop so I can find it easily when I’m ready to move it in-game.

I always name my files like this: NameOfSet_Creator

So in this case, I would name the file: SonicBathroom_NynaeveDesign

It’s up to you how you name your files.  I’ll show a picture of my mods folder later in the post and this will make more sense.

Once you’ve clicked “Save” the program will begin the conversion.  The more .package files you merge the longer it takes.  You’ll know the program has finished when your screen looks like this:

Close the program and go to your desktop or wherever you saved your .package file and you should see it.

STEP 6: Move your completed file into your “Mods” folder.

As I stated earlier, I have a very specific naming convention for my files.  This makes it super easy when I want to remove CC from my game.

So, once we get into my Mods folder and go into packages, we see that I’ve organized my files by where I downloaded them.  Since this bathroom set came from The Sims Resource, we’ll open that folder.

Now we get even more specific.  Within the TSR folder, I’ve categorized by creator.  Let’s open the NynaeveDesigns folder.

And now I can see all of the CC I’ve merged from NynaeveDesigns.  This will help if I need to re-download something because I really do want the .sims3pack files or if I removed something from the set prior to packaging but decide to add it in later.

Once you’ve gotten your merged packages where you want them, you’re finished!  Congratulations!

You can use this same tutorial to merge together items that come from different sets or package files you’ve already got on your computer.  Simply convert all the .sims3pack files into .package files and merge them together the same way as instructed above.

Always make sure you empty out your “Sims3Pack” and “Packages” folder before starting a new project or you will continually merge more and more stuff together.  What you do with the files is up to you.  I keep archived copies of the files on an external drive but you can also delete them.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments or email me at sweetpoyzin.sims3 [at] gmail [dot] com!


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  1. Your comment page is missing from your latest chapter, or I can’t seem to find it! Anyway, great chapter, and Oscar is a cutie!! =)

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