Month: January 2016

Upcoming Changes!

Find out about some changes happening on the blog!

Bonus Post: Owen Joins the Army

Note from SweetPoyzin: As soon as Owen was born I knew that one day he would decide to join the army. I agonized for months over Penny’s reaction. I played out conversation after conversation in my head. I knew that Penny would not be…

Chapter 4.11

Christmas Eve adventures with the McNamara crew!

Chapter 4.10

Auntie Liv is here to stay!

Behind the Scenes: Character Building!

You may have noticed that I didn’t post on Monday.  I got lazy.  Sorry.  But I did post on Saturday and I will post again later this week to catch us up to speed. Anyway, here is a little character building thing I grabbed…

Chapter 4.9

Time for the homecoming dance!

Our Hearts Beat As One

Goodbye David and Alan. May your souls continue to inspire from afar.

Behind the Scenes: The Name Game

I love looking back at the sims, families, and lots I’ve created!  Why?  It’s literally like a walk down memory lane.  There’s a little something of my life in each of those creations.  It could be something I was learning about or where I…

Chapter 4.8

Ellie Jayne plays the Dating Game with Oscar.

What’s Around the Corner for Eternally Yours?

It’s going to be quite a spring here on the blog!  After months of writer’s block, I’ve finally got my creative juices flowing and I’m eager to rejuvenate Eternally Yours! I asked you all what you wanted to see this year and I got some…


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I live in my own little world! It's ok they know me there! #EAgamechanger

Our Different Paths

A Differences in the Family Tree Sims Story

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