Upcoming Changes!

Find out about some changes happening on the blog!

So there are some really fun things (in my opinion) coming to the blog!  One is already live: Family Albums and Bloopers!

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Under the “Family Tree” link in the header you’ll now find two additional links: Owen’s Photo Album and Aiden’s Photo Album.  Each link will pop you over to a Flickr page where I will occasionally post family photos of Owen and Aiden’s adventures with their own families.  I don’t know about you, but I always want to keep up with everyone in a legacy.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy this new feature as much as I do.

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Next is the “Blooper Reel” button located right beside the “Family Tree” link.  This will take you to yet another Flickr album full of the wonderful antics only Sims can pull off.  It’s much easier for me to have one location for bloopers rather than keeping track of post after post.  I hope you enjoy this album, too.

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Since we are still on the topic of Flickr (or at least I am), starting Monday each chapter will now have a link to a Flickr album with all of the screenshots for a particular chapter.  I take a lot of screenshots but they don’t all end up in the story.  If you’d like to see what got cut, check out the albums.

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Finally, the home of SweetPoyzin Creations has moved from WordPress to Tumblr.  I’m sure most of you have already checked it out, but if you haven’t please do!  It’s now your one-stop-shop for all things SweetPoyzin, Eternally Yours, and Creations related.  Request a build there.  See what Dani’s up to on the blog.  Find out how my classes are going.  It’s all over there!

That’s about it for now.  February beings with it the THIRD anniversary of Eternally Yours!  Thank you to everyone who has stuck around this long.  I hope to see you next year for the FOURTH anniversary!

Bonus Post: Owen Joins the Army

Note from SweetPoyzin: As soon as Owen was born I knew that one day he would decide to join the army. I agonized for months over Penny’s reaction. I played out conversation after conversation in my head. I knew that Penny would not be okay with the decision and that Owen would have no why his mother reacted to aggressively. After all of this, I never actually wrote the scene…until now.


Finn and I were sitting in front of the fire late one evening when Owen came into the living room.

“I need to tell you guys something,” he said nervously. Immediately, my mind began racing to dark places. Owen took a deep breath, “I’m going to join the army.”

I froze. Men — no, boys — die in the army. They go out in their uniforms, looking barely past playing army in the backyard, and they get killed far, far from home. No. No! This was not the fate of my Owen. No. This was not an option for him. I’ve lost too many children already. I did not need him to volunteer for it.

“No, Owen. I won’t allow it.” I was surprised by the force in my own voice.

“With all do respect, Mom, but it’s not your call anymore. I’m 21 and done with college. I’m going to enlist next week.”

“No, you won’t. And what about Maureen? You’re getting married in three months. How does she feel about all this bullshit?” He’d never leave his wife, even if he insisted on leaving me.

“She backs me 100%. She knows this is my dream. I really want to be an astronaut, Mom. You know that.”

“Well, very few men actually achieve that. You’re chances are slim so maybe you should stick with something that you can succeed at…like medicine or science.”

“Wow, Mom. Talk about support.” Owen slumped back into the couch cushions and stared off into space.

“Finley, tell your son that he’s making a huge mistake!” My husband has been too silent throughout this conversation. I needed him to be on my side.

“Actually, honey, I think it’s a good idea.” Finn smiled and shrugged his shoulders sheepishly.

“Are you fucking kidding me!? He’s going to die out there! Do you hear me? Our son is going to die.” I was screeching now, worked up into a frantic frenzy.

“I’ll just go to my room now while you all sort your marriage out.” Owen rose from the couch and went to leave.

“Yeah, you go to your room. You’re grounded. No friends! No TV or computers,” I screamed after my son as he retreated in silence. “AND NO JOINING THE ARMY!”

Finn sat silently next to me and waited while I caught my breath.

“Don’t you think it’s time we told him?” He asked cautiously. “It might help him understand your reluctance.”

In my mind’s eye, where the past is always present, I saw Harper chasing Kylie in the backyard before they launched themselves into the pool. I saw Simon smiling at me from his crib every morning as I arrived with his bottle. I saw my three babies playing together in front of the Christmas tree as the fire crackled on Christmas Eve. I felt Emma, the daughter I never got to meet in person, moving inside my womb every time she heard the voices of her siblings. I burst into tears.

“He can’t go, Finley. I won’t lose another child. I won’t let him sign up to die.” I cried harder than I could remember. I realized that I had never really cried for my lost children. It had seemed impossible to cry for my children in the immediate aftermath. It was too surreal. Yet here I was, nearly 30 years after waking up from my coma, completely torn apart by their loss as if it was just yesterday.

“Honey, you have to tell him. He deserves an explanation. He needs to know.” Finn hugged me closer, “And if he still decides to go, at least he’ll know why you can’t be part of this decision. He needs to know that you still love him, because, Penny, I think he’s going to go regardless. You need to be ok for him even if you aren’t.”

Through my tears I promised my husband I’d try. I cried myself to sleep in Finn’s arms.

The next day, Finn piled Owen and I in the car and drove us to our favorite Chinese restaurant. We asked for a private table. After we were seated we busied ourselves with reading the menu so we could ignore the elephant at the table. The waiter arrived and took our order and our menus leaving us with nothing to do but talk to each other.

I let out a breath. “Owen,” I puff out another short breath, “Owen, you’re not my oldest child.” There. It was out in the open. Sorta. “Well, actually, you are my oldest child. My oldest real child, that is.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand, Mom?” Owen looked at me with deep concern in his eyes.

I had never actually spoken about my past in front of the kids. They knew the basics: Mom and Dad were supernaturals. I have a twin. I went to college and was once a well-known surgeon. That’s it. Nothing about my world travels, Xander, Peter, and the children who came before. They knew nothing about my car accident, my coma, and the fall-out that comes from waking up to find out the life you thought you knew was a dream and the life you had before was one to which you could never return.

Owen sat in silence while I explained the whole torrid tale. Our food arrived but nobody ate. I spoke for more than an hour and when I finally finished our food was cold and the restaurant was empty. The silence continued for a few beats longer before Owen stood up, came around the table, and hugged me tightly.

“I’m sorry, Mama. I didn’t know,” he said as he squeezed me. “But I still have to do what’s best for my life, Mom, and I’ve been preparing for this since I was 8-years-old.”

“I know, kiddo. You have to live your own life.”

“I’ll be careful, Mama. I’ll be fine. I promise.”

What’s done can’t be undone and what’s remembered must somehow be lived with ever after — even if the memories are insane, I thought to myself as I hugged Owen close.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, son.”

Chapter 4.11

Christmas Eve adventures with the McNamara crew!

“Um, you guys…”

“YOU GUYS!”  Today was the day mom had planned to have the family Christmas card photo taken.  However, my parents were being seriously gross.

“Oh my God.  Can you guys stop kissing for like 2 seconds!?  The photographer is going to be here soon.  Also, ew.  Get it together!  Geez.”

They did manage to stop kissing briefly enough to have our photos taken.  First it was just those of us still left in this hell-hole.  Er…house.

Then Owen and Aiden came over for a family picture.  You might be wondering where the wives and other are, but if you’ve ever taken a photo with 1 teen, 6 kids, and 5 toddlers you know what a fail that is.  So we didn’t even try.

Christmas Eve rose over the town with a blanket of snow.

I mean, it was pretty and all that, but school was already on holiday break anyway.  What good is snow without a snow day?

We had plans, though!  Mom made her famous cinnamon rolls and we wolfed them down fast.  Then Annie and I raced off to get dressed.  It was Winter Carnival day!

Despite the fact that I nearly killed myself…like 8 times…I still had a super fun time learning to snowboard.

While I tried not to kill myself, Mom, Dad, and Annie went ice skating.  Owen and Aiden brought their kids to the festival as well so we got to hangout together.

They were really comical.  Granted, Annie and I are obviously not winter sports whizzes, but Lily was awful and Annie paid for it!

Chris wasn’t that great either but at least he was only hurting himself!

Mom and Dad continued their kissy-kissy, lovey-dovey vomit- fest.  They were able to pull themselves apart long enough to tell us it was time to leave.

When we got home, Mom and Dad let us open a Christmas present early.  It was a new Playstation!  Dad hooked it up and we played a few games of MarioKart before dinner.  Mom royally kicked our butts.

While Mom made dinner, Annie and I hung out with Dad and watched a scary movie.  I mean, it was Christmas Eve after all.  Why would we watch something festive?

Mom made the most amazing steak and green beans for dinner.  After she and dad played footsie under the table for the entire meal, I decided to give them some private time.  I told Annie to grab her snow boots and meet me outside.

I don’t know what Mom and Dad did while I entertained the kidlet (and I don’t want to know) but chances are it was not as much fun as Annie and I had (don’t even try to dispute it…ew)!

Annie built an evil snowman which seems to mean she’s not adopted (Aunt Liv has the Grim Reaper on her front lawn).  Then we made snow angels because snow devils are tricky.

“Hey, Annie!  Look!  Is that Santa on the roof?!”


Naturally, this led to an epic snowball fight…

…With lots of name-calling!

It had just started to snow again when we decided to head inside.  After catching a few snowflakes on our tongues, Annie asked me to read her a bedtime story.

And because I am the best daughter, I made sure that I read The Night Before Christmas while Annie fell asleep in Mom and Dad’s bed.  That will stop them from any Christmas Eve hanky-panky.  Nasty.

Chapter 4.10

Auntie Liv is here to stay!

Note from SweetPoyzin: Here’s your make-up post that was supposed to come out on Monday.  Sorry!

I was super excited to find out Aunt Liv and Uncle Mike were going to move to Winchester permanently!  She was a bazillion times cooler than my mom and I quickly found myself spending tons of time at her house.

“Ok, Dani, when kids come to the door you have to show up with a glowing apple.”

“On Halloween right, Aunt Liv?”

“No, pretty much whenever.  You’re a witch, deary.  Make it worth it!”

She’d taken to calling me Dani because Ellie Jayne was cute, but it was way too farm-girl for Aunt Liv.  I had to agree with her.  I mean, I’m certainly no city chick but I’m so not a cow girl.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince anyone else to go with the name change.

“Ok, when I throw flames, what do you counter with, Dani?”  Aunt Liv was helping me work on my magic skills since mom never trained me or even let me win on occasion.

“I’m way ahead of you!  Ok?  GO!”

“Fantastic, Dani!  Perfect!”

“Woot!  I win!  I win!  I kicked your ass!  I am awesome!”

“You’re next lesson will involve some tips on sportsmanship, child.”

My rendezvous with Oscar had taken a toll on my grades and before I knew it, I was failing.  Big time.

Luckily, I had Muppet to keep me company while I studied late in to the night…every night.

I also had Aunt Liv to help me because, naturally, I wasn’t about to tell my mom that I was failing my senior year of high school.


“Dani, we aren’t even studying math right now.  This is your guitar lesson?  Where is your brain these days, child?”

“Oh, um, I don’t know?”  I really didn’t.  I was becoming more flakey by the minute and it was more than a little unnerving.

“Alright, well, grab your guitar and come outside.”

“It’s snowing, Aunt Liv!”

“Yes, but a little cold might wake up some brain cells.  Get going!”

It was not nearly as useful as Aunt Liv thought it would be but at least I learned my piece for the concert.

One of the best parts of having Aunt Liv around were her stories about Mom as a kid.

“And so even though she was a NEURO SURGEON she still totally freaked out when I went into labor!”

“OMG!  Wait…mom was a brain surgeon?”  I’d never heard that one before.  I couldn’t see my mom as a doctor.

“Oh yeah!  She was very famous and well respected.  She started practicing right after she got back from her tour of France, China, and Egypt.”

“Seriously!   Mom traveled the world!?  No way!”

“There’s a lot to your mother that you don’t realize, Dani.  Give her time.  She’ll tell you.”

I gave my aunt a high five and headed home wondering who my mother really was.

Aunt Liv didn’t give me much time to dwell on that though.  She came over later and whooped my ass at video games.


Behind the Scenes: Character Building!

You may have noticed that I didn’t post on Monday.  I got lazy.  Sorry.  But I did post on Saturday and I will post again later this week to catch us up to speed.

Anyway, here is a little character building thing I grabbed from Tumblr.  I’m excited to see what questions you ask and who you want to know more about!  I’m excited to learn more about my own characters, too!

Leave one of my characters and a number (or more) in the comments, and I will answer:

  1. What foods do they love, and what foods do they refuse to eat?
  2. What is their weapon of choice, and what weapon do they dislike using the most?
  3. What is their preferred method of transportation?
  4. Who did they look up to the most as a child? Who do they look up to as an adult?
  5. What kind of weather makes them happy, and what kind makes them sad?
  6. What languages do they speak? Do they have any idiosyncrasies or identifiable patterns of speech, word usages, etc?
  7. What clothing do they like to wear, and what do they wear most often?
  8. Do they eat a healthy diet? A varied one?
  9. As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up? Did they realize their dream?
  10. What makes them feel safe or secure? What makes them feel insecure or unsafe?
  11. What do they do when they need comfort? Do they seek out a person, a food, an activity, etc?
  12. Do they sing or play any musical instruments, even if just for fun? How well?
  13. What decision in their past did they most analyze and fret over after the fact?
  14. What are they like when they are drunk?
  15. Where in their body do they keep stress or tension?
  16. What do they think about where they currently live? If they could move elsewhere, would they?
  17. Do they have any pet peeves or petty dislikes, and how do they react to encountering them?
  18. What foods do they eat most often? Do they enjoy it?
  19. What is their favorite texture?
  20. Do they like to travel? How do they pack and prepare?
  21. How well do they take criticism? How do they react to others noticing their flaws?
  22. What are they like when they get sick? Do they have a particular system (ears, lungs, etc) that illness gravitates to?
  23. What is their favorite drink?
  24. How do they react to being physically injured or undergoing medical treatment?
  25. What do their hands look and feel like?
  26. How much do they eat, and how often? Do they drink appetite suppressants (tea, coffee, etc)?
  27. Do they have children? Do they want children? What names would they choose?
  28. What is a gift that they have received that was especially touching or significant?
  29. How do they arrange or decorate their living space?
  30. Do they have any allergies or chronic conditions?

Chapter 4.9

Time for the homecoming dance!

Warning: Rated R.  Not safe for work.

“OK, we talked about STDs, pregnancy, birth control…did I forget anything?”

What was supposed to be mom taking cute homecoming pictures of me, turned into a horrific birds and the bees rundown.

“No, Mom, you really covered it all.  I mean, you even discussed the horrors of childbirth and how to tell if a wound on your lady parts is actually gonorrhea.  I’m pretty sure I’m scarred for life so can we be done here?”  Like seriously…ew.

“I did forget to tell you to have fun!  Come here, baby girl, and hug your mama.  I can’t believe you’re going to homecoming.  I blinked and suddenly you’re 17.  Where did the time go?”  Mom hugged me tight and I surprised myself by hugging her back just as tightly.  The woman makes me crazy but she’s still my mom.

Although apparently she wasn’t that upset about sending me off to the dance.  She tried to make it seem like she was crying, but really she was cheering!  I suppose, she didn’t have that much faith in my datability.

Whatevz.  Oscar and I piled into the limo Dad rented and off we went.  Of course, it just looked like we were going some place fancy.  The problem of living in a hick-town, is the complete and total lack of fancy venues.  Instead, our homecoming dance was at the local dive bar.  I mean, why not throw a bunch of high school seniors into a bar?

Oscar and I made the most of the night regardless of venue.  We danced until I could barely stand!

When the dance floor got too full, we headed into the basement for some pool.

I have no idea where I got my mad pool skills but I have a vague idea that it came from mom.  I know that lady has more stories than she’s willing to share with her lowly teenage daughter!

When pool got old (only for Oscar since I beat him mercilessly), we tried our hand at some karaoke.  That was a more level playing field since we were both terrible.

I went upstairs to mingle while Oscar tried to win me a present. He won me a cute little alligator.  I didn’t even care that it’s a toddler toy!

We were allowed to get “bar drinks” at the dance, if by bar drinks you mean fizzy grape juice.  Naturally they kept all the drinks behind the bar too so nobody could even try to spike the punch.

Around 10pm they called for the last dance.  Oscar and I hopped on the dance floor before heading out to the lock-in.

The lock-in was really the barn apartment over my mom’s stables.  The original plan was to prank the school but this morning, I had decided to spend the night with Oscar and whatever that might entail.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do, Ellie Jayne?”  Always the gentleman, Oscar was unsure of my plans.

“Yes, Oscar, I’m sure.  I’m ready when you are.”  As I led Oscar into the bedroom I wondered if I really was ready.

“Ok…don’t look.  I’m getting undressed,” I said nervously.

“You do realize that what you just said makes me think you are actually not ready for this, right?”

“Hm.  Good point.  Well, maybe I’ll keep my panties on and we can see what happens?”  I stood in the corner of the bedroom, more naked than I had ever been in front of another person, and my mother’s speech kept running through my head on repeat.  What was I doing here?

“Ok, well, you tell me if you want me to stop.”  Oscar leaned into kiss me but stopped abruptly and started to laugh.  “Ellie, I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m supposed to do here.”

“You think I do?!”  I squeaked at him in response.  I thought for a moment, “I think we just kiss and then we’ll know what to do after that.  You know, what feels right, I guess?”

Bumbling and giggling, we continued kissing and touching each other.  Hopelessly lost in my own head, I realized that I was going to over think this moment.  It was now or never.

“I’m ready, Oscar.”

“Are you sure, Ellie?  We can wait.”  If he didn’t stop talking he would talk me out of it.

“Stop talking and kiss me.”

And with that, I pulled him to me and sealed my fate.

Afterward, as I watched Oscar drift off to sleep, I realized that this was the end of Oscar and I.  All I really wanted was a date to homecoming and a fun night of rebellion.  I knew all along that I was using Oscar to get mom off my back, but the sex had only popped into my head tonight.

Now, as I lay beside Oscar, only moments after giving him my virginity, I was planning how to get him out of my life.

I fell asleep feeling utterly alone and disgusted with myself.


I woke the next morning and inspected myself in the mirror for any tell-tale signs that I was no longer a virgin.  Assured that I looked just the same as I did yesterday, I headed for home.  I didn’t even wake Oscar to tell him good-bye.

Of course both my parents were awake and eating breakfast at 6am.

“Ellie Jayne!  How was the dance?  Did you have fun at the lock-in?  Sit down, we’ve saved you breakfast and coffee.”

“Oh, um.  It was nice.”  I sat down and spun a tale of winning homecoming queen, dancing the night away, and making new friends at the lock-in.  I was becoming more adept at lying by the second and I hated myself a little more for it.

Our Hearts Beat As One

Goodbye David and Alan. May your souls continue to inspire from afar.


For Ziggy and Alan

The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.
-David Bowie

“Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
“After all this time?”
“Always,” said Snape.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Behind the Scenes: The Name Game

I love looking back at the sims, families, and lots I’ve created!  Why?  It’s literally like a walk down memory lane.  There’s a little something of my life in each of those creations.  It could be something I was learning about or where I lived at the time.  It’s amazing.

Today I’ll focus on my Legacy Founders, Lydia and Victor Lox


Lydia (Aglovale) Lox

When I started this legacy blog I was taking classes in both Greek archaeology and the myth of King Arthur.  King Croesus was the king of the Greek city Lydia and Sir Aglovale is the eldest (legitimate) son of King Pellimore in the legend of King Arthur.




Victor Lox

Her husband’s name, Victor, stems from the book I was reading at the time.  Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl really moved me and so I named my first male protagonist after the author.



Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about a character in the story?  Ever wondered about my thought process (it’s scary)?  Want to know where I got a random idea or piece of CC?  Ask in the comments or email sweetpoyzin.sims3 [at] gmail [dot] com and I will answer in another thrilling edition of Behind the Scenes!





Chapter 4.8

Ellie Jayne plays the Dating Game with Oscar.

With homecoming right around the corner, I tried to be as good a daughter as possible.  I did homework without being asked and even helped Annie with hers, too.  I did dishes, I did laundry, I fed the dogs.  I stopped just shy of repainting the house but I would have done it if necessary!

When I wasn’t being “Daughter of the Year,” I was out on dates with Oscar, desperately trying to get him to ask me to the dance.  I even took him to my favorite spot by the ocean.  It was super secluded and not many people in town knew about it.

“I’m not the best chef, Oscar…” That was an understatement.  I burned hot dogs.  It takes a special person to do that.

“Dude, seriously, you don’t have to eat those.”

“They’re delicious, Ellie Jayne.”  I could tell he was just being nice.  He was turning a slight green color.

“Here.  Just let me conjure something else.”  We gorged on apples because that’s all I can really conjure at this point.  It’s not like I’m a genie.

I’m pretty sure I’m winning him over.  He’s taking me to the dance whether he likes it or not!

I was trying to advance my magic skills as well.  I was dying to be a higher level witch but I couldn’t seem to master my spells.

Aside from lighting myself on fire, all I was capable of was conjuring apples.

Mom was trying to help me get better.  However, she’s a wee bit competitive and kept kicking my ass with her level 10 skills.  I mean, she doesn’t even have to try all that hard.

“DADDY!  Mom’s doing it again!”

“Doing what, Ellie Jayne?”

“She’s beating me with magic!”

“That’s nice, dear.  Just don’t let the neighbors see any bruises.”

Obviously, I’m on my own in this house.

Oscar and I continued to date throughout the fall and things were going pretty well!  He finally asked me to go steady.  Apparently, he didn’t know all that much about dating and dances and whatnot.  That’s not something you really think about as an imaginary friend I suppose.  Either way, we sorted it out and told my parents we were officially dating.

He still had to live in the barn, but I at least let him come over to the house for meals and whatnot.

Mom was still not super keen on the idea of me having a boyfriend over so often.  She tried to break up our dates as often as possible.

“Did you two know that yellow fever causes you to ooze blood from your eyes and vomit uncontrollably?!”

“Is now the time for a health lesson, Mom?”

“We could talk about genital herpes if you’d prefer, Ellie Jayne.”

Needless to say, we could not have dates at my house.  Since we were both unemployed, Oscar and I tried to find as many free things to do as possible.  Anything to get away from my mom.

We spent a lot of our dates attending SimFests at the local coffee houses.  They weren’t always good but we at least had a good laugh.

The week before the dance, I realized I’d have to make a move with the parents or go stag.  Oscar agreed to take me and I needed to tell my parents.  I also wanted more time alone with Oscar and I needed a cover story.  Sadly, my mother knows all the tricks.  Dad, however, is more trusting and clueless.  I had to get him alone.

One night, Mom was out with the trips giving Mo and Owen a night out alone.

Annie was over at Aiden and Arrietty’s house babysitting.

It was the perfect time to take my chances with Dad.

“Daddy, Oscar is going to take me to homecoming and then we’re going to a lock-in afterwards.”

“Hm.  Where’s the lock-in, kiddos?”

“It’s in the church basement.  You know, where Mo and Owen got married?”  I batted my eyelashes like I used to do as a little girl.  It always worked.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun, Mr. McNamara.  The school is providing chaperons and the whole senior class is invited!”  Oscar was really winning over my dad with the whole Sir and Mr. McNamara routine.

“Well, alright.  But you have to be home by 10am the next day, Ellie Jayne.  Oscar, I don’t care what you do after you drop my daughter off.  She best be in one piece and sober.”  Dad started to leave the room.  We were home free!  “And if you so much as touch her, or even think about touching her, I will kill you.  That’s not a threat, by the way.  It’s just the cold, hard truth.”

I watched my father leave the room and I thought to myself, I wonder what Daddy will do if he finds out there’s not a lock in at all…

What’s Around the Corner for Eternally Yours?

It’s going to be quite a spring here on the blog!  After months of writer’s block, I’ve finally got my creative juices flowing and I’m eager to rejuvenate Eternally Yours!

I asked you all what you wanted to see this year and I got some great responses!  Here’s some of what you want to see:

  • Aiden should get what’s coming to him for leaving his wife in favorite of a new girl.
  • Aliens!
  • Babies and lots of them!

I’m excited to see what I can do with all of that!  I can promise this though:

New chapters every Monday

You know you want to start your week with a new chapter!  It’s just what the doctor ordered!  And I’ve got 15 draft chapters saved up, too.  Oh yes, it will be an exciting spring!

Behind the Scenes with Eternally Yours every Wednesday

Get through Hump Day with some behind the scenes information on characters, my writing process, and whatever you want to submit to the question queue.  I’ll have Bonus Posts, character building information, and whatever else I can thing of for you.  Next week will be a post on how I came up with the names for some of the characters on the blog.

More Interaction

You guys are what keeps this blog alive.  I want your input!  Tell me what you want to see from the family.  What are you dying to know about Ellie Jayne or Penny or anyone?  I want to know what I can do to make this blog more exciting for you!

Anyway, dear readers, I must run off to work again.  Lunch hour is ending and the office waits for no one!  See you soon!