Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.6

Note from SweetPoyzin: Here’s just a short blurb while I prepare to get to the meat of Ellie Jayne’s story!  Also, I’ve got a cold and the cold medicine is making me wonky so this might not be my best chapter ever.

Since Oscar was my imaginary friend, he had nowhere else to live.  And since my parents didn’t know he was real yet, there were some logistical issues I needed to work out.  Luckily my parents were insanely busy these days so I was able to let Oscar use the apartment over the barn while I came up with our cover story.

Mom was getting ready to sell Scout and take on another horse for my dad to train in the jumping ring.  She didn’t have a buyer for Scout yet so she got dad to take Scout to the auctions.  Mom was a little preoccupied with Aiden and Arrietty.

Arrietty was mega preggo with triplets: girls Astrid and Ingrid, and boy Bard.

When they were born Aiden and Arrietty were poorly prepared.  Notice the smelly toddler crawling outside in the rain.  Yeah, my brother and sister-in-law needed major help.

So mom moved in for a few months and generally did everything for Bradley and Christopher while Aiden and Arrietty took care of the babies.

Naturally the dog got fleas and passed them to the puppies and the cat and my mom.  My brother was in way, way over his head with this one.  Luckily, Arrietty got her tubes tied after the triplets were born.

I took over mom’s duties at home.  Mostly so they would think I am hella responsible and thus allow me to date Oscar…as soon as I let him out of the barn.

Speaking of in over her head…I persevered regardless.  I did housework, cooked, and babysat Annie while Dad was out with Scout.

I also started working on a painting of mom and dad for their Christmas present.  A little buttering up never hurt anyone.  Of course, I hoped to have introduced Oscar to mom and dad long before Christmas but you never know what might happen in this family.

I also worked on the car.  I needed to have it ready in about a month if I hoped to drive it around town during homecoming.

The bus driver often got in the way of my fantasizing that it was already awesome-looking and in working order.

One day, Owen’s bird died.  He’d had that bird since my parents took the boys to France 15 years ago.

Dad knew mom would be devastated and so he cleaned up and buried the poor creature in the backyard.

For two married people who never see each other, I have no idea how they keep their marriage going.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.6

  1. So Ellie Jayne is “keeping” Oscar in the barn (apartment)!! That is funny!! It will be interesting to see what you do with this story line! Meanwhile, I hope you get to feeling better, SweetP!! I hope you enjoyed your peaceful Christmas…hugs! =)

    1. They’ve had this barn apartment since I moved them into town. I really need to show it off! Maybe in another chapter?

      I did have a great Christmas and I’m FINALLY on the mend! I have no voice but at least I’m getting better!

      I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

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