Eternally Yours

Merry Christmas from Eternally Yours

Happy holidays!

For my THIRD annual Christmas post, I thought I’d take us on a walk down memory lane to revisit all our favorite characters.



Merry Christmas from the McNamara Family!
Finley, Penny, Owen, Aiden, Ellie Jayne, and Annie

Happy Holidays from the Pagano Family!
Peter, Penny, Harper, Kylie, and Simon

Merry Christmas from the Hanks Family!
Garrett, Mollie, Penny, Olivia, Adam, and Lucy

Sorry that I don’t have Liddy and Victor.  I started the blog in February so they did not get to make a holiday card for ya’ll.  They send their love, too!

Here’s wishing you the happiest of holidays and the best new year!

Thank you for sticking with this blog since 2013!  You are the most amazing fans and readers!

SweetPoyzin and Mr.. Geek

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