Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Chapter 4.2

Note from SweetPoyzin: This chapter is oddly disjointed.  Bear with me as I get the hang of writing with Ellie Jayne in my head.  I feel bad since you’ve all been patiently waiting and then I present you with this crap.

Even though she was my kid sister, Annie wasn’t all bad.  Yes, she was a brat but she still pretty much worshiped me.  Of course, now that Annie I were getting along better the shit had to hit the fan elsewhere.

Mom broke the news to us during dinner one night.

“Well.  That was your brother on the phone.”

“Which one?”  I asked jokingly.  Owen was at boot camp for another week so I knew he wasn’t calling.

“He’s leaving Kari.  He’s met some woman named Arrietty and they’ve moved in together.”

“Good for him!”  Dad was weird lately.  I’m pretty sure he just heard my mom talking but didn’t actually listen.  After nearly 30 years with her I guess that’s his right.

So my brother hooked up with a new woman.  I mean…it’s not like that should have been news.

Kari spent most of her second pregnancy sleeping in my bed.  That just spells trouble to me.  But what do I know?  I don’t even have any real friends much less a boyfriend.

My parents felt super bad that their son turned out to be such a douche bag.  I mean, he totally moved the new woman into his marriage house and left his ex-wife homeless.  So my parents bought Kari a small house for her and the boys.  They are good people.  Annoying, but good.

I also capitalized on their lack of parental skills by informing them that I had  no other choice but to feel unloved by the fact that I lived in Owen’s old room with his old furniture.  So they redid my entire room.  Master of the guilt trip!

Sadly, summer was coming to an end.  We decided to throw a big pool party to celebrate.

Dad was all about the lounging while the girls rocked the pool.

I challenged mom to a breath-holding contest while Annie showed off her disgustingly good diving skills.

Finally, the party kicked into high gear.  Everyone came…including Kari and Aiden’s new girlfriend.  Oh, and by girlfriend I mean fiance.  It wasn’t as awkward as it could have been because Grandpa also brought his NannyBot so people were distracted by the robot in the pool.

Everyone finally left around 10pm but Grandpa, Owen, and Aiden all felt the need to keep the party going.  I don’t understand those men.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 4.2

  1. A little disjointed, but still full of info!! I love the “guilt trip” – typical sibling taking advantage of the “timing”!! lol And I have never seen a bot in a pool! Thank you for taking time to write a chapter. I know you are super busy now, and we appreciate it! (it’s not crap!!) Hugs =)

  2. its just too bad we have three chapters before this we can’t read! I think I am going to like this new generation and I feel you are getting into her head well. I know how hard that is to do each time!

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