Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.97

Ellie was not going to be little forever.  In fact, her birthday was just around the corner.

Ellie had captured the hearts of the entire family.  Even Muppet was thrilled by her existence.  It was exciting to think that this little nugget might one day hold all the family cards.

Finn and I decided to take a family trip to the park while Owen was in school.  He misses out on all the fun.


Finn always had a way to make little Ellie Jayne light up with giggles and wiggles.

“Oh no!  Now she’s got a car!  Come on Muppet we gotta bolt!”  I’m not sure my husband ever grew up!

After running around, Finn hurt himself (the man is no spring chicken) and he went off to sit on the bank of the lake and fish.  I took Ellie to ride the bouncy animals.

“Danielle Jayne, you will get off this ride now!”


“Yes, you will child.”


“See, I told you!” Finn yelled.  “She’s just like you!”

“Uhm, no, she’s not, Finley!”  Idiot doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

We finally sat down for lunch by the lake before heading home to a pouty Owen, sad that he once again missed out on all the fun.

Later that summer I ended up taking Lucinda baby shopping.  It wasn’t quite as weird as I thought it would be.

We headed to the bot shop to get a “Nanny Bot.”  Everyone agreed it would be easier for my dad if there was a third person there to help with a newborn.  We tried to pick a bot that looked the least terrifying.

I had been working on my bot building skills and after we chose a body, I took it upstairs to customize it for them.  I made sure it could cook, clean, nanny, and entertain.

I loaded the bot in the car and drove over to Dad’s house only to find him in a panic because Lucinda was in labor at the hospital.

I told Dad I would take him to meet Lucinda.  He seemed relieved and jumped in the car.  Even after five kids with Mom, Dad still sucks at labor and delivery.  He was in his pajamas and barefoot when we got to the hospital.

18 hours later, Garrett Anthony Hanks was born.  We all agreed he would be Tony to keep the confusion low.  I got endless joy from joking that if everyone said “Garrett wet himself” that it could be either Dad or the baby.

My sons get their sense of humor naturally.

Even though this was baby #6, my Dad still beamed as if he were bringing Olivia and I home from the hospital 43 years ago.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.97

    1. Garrett is pretty much my favorite leading man to date. Probably because I actually let myself get inside his head when he narrated a few chapters.

      I’m getting there. I can tell I’m healing but still not 100%. It’s back to work tomorrow regardless.

  1. Loved this chapter. Onto the next one. I’ve read this one probably four times now. But tonight I am finally going to catch up, including the new bonus posts.

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