Poll: Bonus Posts

Hey all!  I have lots of Generation 4 posts in the works.  I was finally bitten by the writing bug again.  However, as soon as that happened, my graphics card totally died and fried my computer.  So…we’re back in a holding pattern.


I have a question for ya’ll.  How would you all feel about text only bonus posts?  I’ve often started plots in my head but they never get screenshots so they never get posted.  Some of these posts go way back (Xander had a funeral), some are newer (anyone ever wondered how Annie came to be?) and include things like letters from Adam and Olivia.

Would you be interested in some of this “bonus” content?

Chapter 4.1

Note from SweetPoyzin: This is just a short chapter to introduce you to our heiress and get to know her from her point-of-view.  It’s also a nice little catch-up post since it’s been about 10 years since you’ve seen everyone!

And it’s raining again.  It always rains in this stupid town.

Whatever.  I think I’m supposed to like fill you in on shit -er- I mean stuff.  Sorry.  I’m kinda new to this job.

So Owen got married to this awesome artsy chick named Maureen but we just call her Mo.  He met her at the high school here.  She was literally the only girl with purple hair in the whole school if you can believe that.

Anyway, they’d been dating for a long time and then Owen decided to join the military.  Mom nearly shit a brick — I mean she really freaked.  But then Owen got called up for basic training and he and Mo had a super quick wedding in the chapel in town.  It was a good idea because she’s totally preggers now.

Speaking of preggers, Aiden got married, too.  Except we didn’t know until later.  He spent time traveling after boarding school and college and he met Kari.  Well, she got knocked up and then Aiden married her and brought her home to Mom who is mega-excited to be a grandma.

I think Dad almost exploded with joy or something because he spends about more of his time visiting with Kari’s belly than he does with Aiden or Kari herself.  She’s super cool about it though.  I guess she’s ok.  I really don’t know her.

OH.  And speaking of getting knocked up.  Mom and Dad had another baby.  Oops.  I guess they thought that since they were both in their mid-40s that Mom wouldn’t get pregnant.  I don’t know what they were thinking.  In fact…they probably weren’t thinking at all.

Whatevz.  So Annie was born and she’s kinda a snot.  Like for real.  She’s such a little diva.  She’s a total brat.  And I don’t mean that because she’s my little sister.  She’s a real jerk.

The highlight of my life to date is learning to drive.  Owen started teaching me before he left.  So…that’s kinda it.

Uhm, I guess you might want to know more about me.  I’m a straight-A student and captain of the soccer team and president of the art and chess clubs.  I don’t have a boyfriend.  I have a part-time job.  The only really rebellious thing I’ve done is get my nose pierced.  Dad is certain it will keep me out of medical school.  I think it’s cute.

For some reason Mom chose me to be her heir or whatever.  I don’t know why since I’m clearly an afterthought.  The house is full of pictures of Owen and Aiden and yet I’m the one Mom chose.  All I want is a date to prom but instead I’ve got to figure out how to lead a legacy.


Chapter 3.98

We did Ellie Jayne’s birthday a little different this year.

Instead of the huge family event, it was just Finn, Owen, and I.  Out little baby was growing up.

“Blow the candles, Ellie!  Like this!”

“Like dis?  Whoooooooooo!”

And little Miss Ellie Jayne became a beautiful little girl!

“What’s that, Pugsley?  I’m your best friend!  You’re mine, too!”

“We’re going to have the best adventures!  We will be friends forever!”

And this is where we leave Generation Three.  When Eternally Yours returns, we will be 10 years into the future.

Thanks for the memories, everyone!

Chapter 3.97

Ellie was not going to be little forever.  In fact, her birthday was just around the corner.

Ellie had captured the hearts of the entire family.  Even Muppet was thrilled by her existence.  It was exciting to think that this little nugget might one day hold all the family cards.

Finn and I decided to take a family trip to the park while Owen was in school.  He misses out on all the fun.


Finn always had a way to make little Ellie Jayne light up with giggles and wiggles.

“Oh no!  Now she’s got a car!  Come on Muppet we gotta bolt!”  I’m not sure my husband ever grew up!

After running around, Finn hurt himself (the man is no spring chicken) and he went off to sit on the bank of the lake and fish.  I took Ellie to ride the bouncy animals.

“Danielle Jayne, you will get off this ride now!”


“Yes, you will child.”


“See, I told you!” Finn yelled.  “She’s just like you!”

“Uhm, no, she’s not, Finley!”  Idiot doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

We finally sat down for lunch by the lake before heading home to a pouty Owen, sad that he once again missed out on all the fun.

Later that summer I ended up taking Lucinda baby shopping.  It wasn’t quite as weird as I thought it would be.

We headed to the bot shop to get a “Nanny Bot.”  Everyone agreed it would be easier for my dad if there was a third person there to help with a newborn.  We tried to pick a bot that looked the least terrifying.

I had been working on my bot building skills and after we chose a body, I took it upstairs to customize it for them.  I made sure it could cook, clean, nanny, and entertain.

I loaded the bot in the car and drove over to Dad’s house only to find him in a panic because Lucinda was in labor at the hospital.

I told Dad I would take him to meet Lucinda.  He seemed relieved and jumped in the car.  Even after five kids with Mom, Dad still sucks at labor and delivery.  He was in his pajamas and barefoot when we got to the hospital.

18 hours later, Garrett Anthony Hanks was born.  We all agreed he would be Tony to keep the confusion low.  I got endless joy from joking that if everyone said “Garrett wet himself” that it could be either Dad or the baby.

My sons get their sense of humor naturally.

Even though this was baby #6, my Dad still beamed as if he were bringing Olivia and I home from the hospital 43 years ago.