Chapter 3.96

Since we sent Aiden back to Florence Artist Academy, we decided to get Owen a gift of similar value.

So we bought him a car.  I should say, we bought him something that will be a car, if he puts the work into it.  So far he loves souping up his new “ride.”

Mommy got a new car too.  It’s more of a post-mid-life crisis thing but whatever.

Now that Owen is old enough, he’s eager to get his driver’s license.  Finn decided to give Owen lessons.

“Eyes on the road, son.”

“But, Dad!  That chick is hot!”

“If you crash this car because of a hot girl I will kill you.”

He’s not really so bad.  He does chores around the house.

And he takes excellent care of Ellie Jayne while Finn and I are working.

And Ellie Jayne just adores her big brother.  Their’s will be a strong bond.

A few months after getting settled, my Dad called me to come over to visit.

I thought the old geezer might have lost his damn mind.  He invited me to come over at 7am alone.  Who does that.

Shortly after arriving, he went outside to cry and left me with some woman.

“Why, hello there!  You must be Penelope.  Your father has told me so much about you!  Gray?  You best come in here and properly introduce me!”

Who was this woman?

“Daddy, what’s going on?”  I had a sinking feeling that I knew what was going on.

“Honey, this is Lucinda Hines…well, Lucinda Hanks.  Sweetie, Lucinda and I are married.

Well, fuck.  The woman was probably just a little older than me.  She was the complete opposite of mom.  And Dad still managed to look at her just like he used to look at mom.  Crap crapity crap.  Ugh.

I supposed I had to make the best of it.  “Welcome to the family, Lucinda.”

“Thank you, Penelope.  And please, call me Lu.”

“I’m so glad you two will get along!  That will make it so much easier when the baby arrives.”

Neutral face.  Neutral face.  Neutral face.