Eternally Yours · Generation 4

Generation 4: Introduction

Welcome back, dear readers!

Generation Four will be a little different.  We will start off with a mix of voices as I summarize the past 10 years.  We’ll hear a little from everyone before our heir finally takes over leadership of the family.

Since we’ve jumped so far into the future, we’ve got some new faces and our old ones have changed quite a bit.  So we’ll start off like civilized people and have some introductions.

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Penelope (Hanks) McNamara

Nickname: Penny
Age: 52
Occupation: Horsewoman
Lifetime Wish: World Renown Surgeon — COMPLETE
Married to: Finley McNamara

Penny is quite pleased with how everything turned out.  She’s had a fair amount of ups and downs, the most recent being the surprise arrival of her fourth child, Annie.  She loves having all her daughters-in-law running around her home with the grandbabies underfoot.  She’s not quite sure what she did wrong with her younger two children.  Ellie Jayne is distant and quiet and Annie is just plain mean.  She doesn’t have much time to dwell these days as her horse training business is still thriving.

Finley Owen McNamara

Nickname: Finn
Age: 55
Occupation: Horseman
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim — COMPLETE
Married to: Penny Hanks

Finn thought his calling was to be a father but it turns out he loves being Pops…even though the babies are too young to call him that.  He and Penny were planning on retiring to France in the near future but their plans were derailed by the birth of little Annie.  He loves Annie more than anything but she just doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone but Grampy Grey.

Owen Finley McNamara

Nickname: None
Age: 23
Occupation: Military
Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut
Married to: Maureen Weller

Owen is the oldest of Finn and Penny’s children.  He and Maureen have been dating since high school.  He’s a family man at heart and we can expect to see lots of little ones from these two.  He is extremely close to Ellie Jayne.

Maureen (Weller) McNamara

Nickname: Mo
Age: 22
Occupation: Music
Lifetime Wish: Become a Rock Legend
Married to: Owen McNamara

Maureen is her own person.  She’s creative, artistic, and marches to the beat of her own tuba.  Despite her interesting look, she’s really a sweetheart and is close to both Kari and Ellie Jayne as well as her mother-in-law whom she refers to as Mama P.  She often dreamed of having a large family but wasn’t planning on having it all at once.

The Trips: Lily Rose, Clover Jayne, and Ivy Claire

Age: 3 months
Parents: Owen and Maureen

When Owen found out his younger twin had returned from Italy with a new wife and baby on the way, Owen would not be outdone.  He quickly married Mo (he was going to do that anyway as he was leaving for boot camp) and they tried to conceive before Owen shipped out.  Owen wanted a little girl and Mo wanted a little boy but they ended up with more than they bargained for when Mo gave birth to three girls.

Aiden Grey McNamara

Nickname: None
Age: 23
Occupation: Music
Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts
Married to: Kari Roth

All Aiden wanted out of life was a music studio in the basement, an art gallery in the attic, and a horse in the barn.  He was not counting on getting his college girlfriend pregnant.  He thought he was just having a good time in Italy and it would be all over after graduation.  Now he and Kari are married with a young son and he’s not sure she’s the one.

Kari (Roth) McNamara

Nickname: None
Age: 24
Occupation: Painter
Lifetime Wish: Super Popular
Married to: Aiden McNamara

Unlike Aiden, Kari is positive she married the wrong person.  She’s a city girl at heart.  She came from money and she wanted to marry money, instead she married Aiden.  All she can think about is one day returning to the big city and finding that handsome doctor of a husband.

Bradley James McNamara

Nickname: BJ
Age: 9 months
Parents: Aiden and Kari

BJ doesn’t miss much.  He’s perceptive and even as an infant he knows things aren’t quite right with Mommy and Daddy.  He’s totally enamored with Blister the horse, and loves his puppies, Noodle and Cairo.

Danielle Jayne McNamara

Nickname: Ellie Jayne
Age: 16
Occupation: High School Student
Lifetime Wish: None
Dating: Who has time for dating?!

Ellie Jayne isn’t quite sure she fits in with her family.  She’s more at ease with Mo, Kari, and Owen than with her mom and dad.  When she wants to get away from life she’ll break into Penny’s training grounds, “borrow” a horse, and race around the island.  She’s captain or president of nearly all the clubs at her high school and is toying with the idea of becoming a doctor one day.  Mostly, she’s just stressed about what to wear to prom and where to go to college.

Isabelle Ann McNamara

Nickname: Annie
Age: 9
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Lifetime Wish: None
Dating: Boys are icky.

Annie was a surprise to Finn and Penny.  Penny assumed that getting pregnant in her mid-forties was impossible considering all the trouble she had getting pregnant with Ellie Jayne.  She and Finn threw caution to the wind and 9-months later welcomed Annie.  Annie isn’t a nice child.  In fact, she’s a mean-spirited diva and Penny often wonders where she went wrong with her youngest.  Annie’s closest friend and ally is her grandpa Garrett.

Garrett James Hanks

Nickname: Grey
Age: 79
Occupation: Retired
Lifetime Wish: Top News Anchor
Married to: Lucinda Hines

Penny’s father is still kicking even though he’s almost 80.  He still has the energy to chase around his young son and granddaughter.  He’s fiercely protective of Annie who spends as much time as she can hanging out at her grandpa’s house.

Lucinda (Hines) Hanks

Nickname: Lu
Age: 68
Occupation: Retired
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Married to: Garrett Hanks

Lu isn’t doing quite as well as Garrett but she’s still hanging in there.  She loves her son Tony and her inherited family.  When she’s not yelling at her boys to get out of the garden, she tries to teach Annie how to deal with her anger and frustration.

Garrett Anthony Hanks

Nickname: Tony
Age: 12
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Lifetime Wish: None
Dating: Girls have cooties ya know!

Tony loves two things: cars and reptiles.  When he isn’t ogling one of his cousin Owen’s cars, he’s catching turtles down by the ocean.  He can’t quite figure out Annie but he hangs out with her anyway since she’s the only girl he knows who can catch a lizard just as good as he can.

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