Chapter 3.95

Note from SweetPoyzin: I’ve had one heck of a time with my previous Eternally Yours save file.  I ended up having to move the family not just to a new house but to a new town.  Basically, they live in the same house they would have in Eden Grove, except now it’s Winchester Landing.  I took some of these photos before they left Eden Grove and some after and I changed the house a little but I was too tired of fighting with my game to retake the photos.  Sorry.

We finally finished moving!  Not only did we move houses, but we moved to a different city!

We bought a beautiful one-level, three-bedroom house in Winchester Landing.

We actually got the idea from my dad.  He wanted to move somewhere small and peaceful.  So he moved to this island.

We went to visit him on the way back from France and we never left.  I mean, how could we?!

The kids will even attend this little red schoolhouse!  The education is top-notch and the horse racing is just as good as it was in Eden Grove!

We bought a small plot of land down the road from our house and set up the training grounds.

Everything is coming along nicely.

We have most of the house decorated already.  Muppet has claimed her sleeping spots.

The only problem is that I keep forgetting that Aiden returned to boarding school.  I continue to set a plate of food for him at the table.  it’s really getting sad.

Owen is handling his missing twin just fine.  He’s rocking all of his classes and apparently has a girlfriend.  I have yet to meet the young lady but I hear from my dad that this mystery girl has purple hair.  Great.

Miss Ellie Jayne is taking full advantage of her new arrangement.  Once Owen heads off to school, she has Mommy and Daddy all to herself!  She has story time with Daddy.

And when she gets really lucky, Mommy takes her to the beach.

We also got a new puppy.  Poor Muppet is really getting on in years and I can’t bear the thought of not having a critter with us.  So we adopted Pugsley.

Despite her old age, Muppet does her best to keep up with her new playmate.

Ellie isn’t too sure about Pugsley but I think they’ll be fast friends.

Ellie is also showing her powers.  She’s a witch!  I don’t have to tell you how much of a relief this is.  If I didn’t get a witch daughter Finn and I would have to keep trying.  I’m 42 years old.  There will be no more babies for us.  I’m both happy and sad about that.

Our only real issue these days are the burglers.  We had TWO break-ins since moving here.

I kid you not, Owen took both of them down.  Apparently, he’ll make a good watch dog one day!

France: Day 7

Our last few days in France!  I was going to miss this place!

We spent the day boating again.  It turns out we really enjoy it as a family!

All of my men are anglers so we fished from the banks of the island across from our cottage.  It turned into a contest, as many things do with boys, so I abandoned their silliness.

Instead I took to skipping stones only to have Owen challenge me to a rock skipping contest.  Boys!

When we got back to the cottage, I made frogs legs for dinner.  It seemed a fitting last dinner in France.

The boys offered to clean up for Finn and I so we could have some alone time together.

“Dude, Aiden!  Did you grow up in the barn?  You gotta sweep the crumbs onto the plates.  You don’t sweep them on the floor, assclown!”

“Get a vacuum, bro.”

“We wouldn’t need to vacuum if you did it right.  You vacuum!”

“I’ll vacuum if it gets me outta this kitchen.  Get a room you two!”

“Yeah!  We didn’t offer to clean so you  could get nasty down here.  Go upstairs!”

So we took their advice.  Smart boys!

They got into trouble on their own, too.  Oh well.

Finally, it was time to head home.

We had the boys pack their trucks early in the morning so we could explore and then head to the airport.

We spent most of the day snorkeling and swimming.

Finn learned to windsurf.

And Owen brought home this sassy ass bird to go with the lizard he found.

Finn and I continued our tradition of making the boys uncomfortable.  They’ll be leaving before we know it so I might as well make the most of our time together!

I Can’t Do This Anymore

SweetPoyzin is going to lose her marbles.

Dear Readers,

I can’t write Generation 3 anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Penny.  But she’s had 100 chapters when I count all the drafts I have for her.  I’m going to write those and then we are skipping about 10 years into the future.  If we don’t…I’ll lose my mind.  As it is, I don’t even want to play anymore because it is same shit, different day.

So yeah, Generation 3 is just going to end in a semi-half-assed way but we’ve weathered worse together.  If I don’t end it, I never will and I will abandon this whole damn thing.

I’m sorry.  I just need to move on.

Your Grateful Author,