Eternally Yours · Generation 3

France: Day 3

After our adventures at the winery, we decided to take it easy.  Well, that is to say, the men decided to take it easy.

I, however, was busy looking for things for us to do.

Aiden was eager to get back to the Florence Artist Academy. He spent every free minute he could painting.  Owen decided to forego his high school years at military school in order to have a more traditional upbringing at home.  I was just fine with that.  I missed my boys when they were away.

Finally, I located some ruins where tourists were allowed to excavate for a small fee.  I loaded the family into the car and off we went.  We found some interesting pottery, though most of it was broken or destroyed.

“HEY!  Hey, you guys!”  Aiden was calling to us from the bottom of the hill.  He’d found a secret door to a tomb!  Being the irreverent family that we are, we didn’t tell the authorities.  We explored it ourselves!

“Dude.  Don’t hurt yourself old man.”  The boys loved to tease their parents.

“Aiden, if you keep that up, you’re going to be the one that’s hurting!”  Sadly for them their parents had been there, done that and could dish it up right back at them!

“Yeah.  You pull shit for awhile, sonny boy!”

“Crap!  Dad, this thing is heavy!  Help me, will ya!?”

“Don’t hurt yourself, young man.  You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself when a real man has to do it for you.”

“Oh my God.  You suck, dad.”

“Yeah.  You love me though.  Too bad if you don’t ’cause you’re stuck with me.”

They were able to make nice with each other long enough for family pictures.  Owen looks just like his Daddy.  I think Aiden looks like my dad.  I still can’t believe how grown up they are!

When we got home that night I noticed the boys had found a new creature to take home with us.

That’s when I came to an important conclusion: I drink because I have children.

The next day we went for a boat ride through the canals of France.

“So…does France make you feel the love, Baby?  If it doesn’t, I’ll make you feel it!”

“Oh my God.  No, Dad.  No.  So much nope.  Dad.  Ew.”

“I can’t help it son.  Your mom is just so HOT!”

“Can I just swim home?  Or even better…can I just drown?  Is that ok?”

Finally we made it to our destination just before lunch.  We had packed a picnic basket and enjoyed a family picnic on the island.

Our plans were sadly interrupted by some uninvited guests.  We headed for the cottage shortly thereafter.

We spent the evening together as a family.  Aiden back at his easel and Owen and Finn at the chessboard.  Things were going to be ok.

One thought on “France: Day 3

  1. You definitely have the teenage boys reactions down pat!! lol And yes…I drink because I have children, and NOW grandchildren!! =)

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