Eternally Yours · Generation 3

France: Day 1

I couldn’t believe we finally made it to France!

In lieu of staying in a hotel, Finn and I rented a small cottage just outside of town.  It was an amazing three-bedroom house right near the river.

The view was unbelievable!  We were so glad we chose this rather than staying in the city and sharing a space with other guests.

Finn and the boys immediately started clowning around.  I guess we’re all in need of a little break!

Owen is part mermaid, I swear.  He pretty much made a bee-line for the water and spent most of the morning swimming.

That afternoon, the boys rented a boat and were out fishing the rest of the day.

I felt bad for Finn.  The boys left him all alone.  The poor man had nobody to play with anymore!

“DUDE!  I caught one!”

“Yeah, I think you caught a goldfish, bro.”

“Well…it’s still big.”

“And it’s still just a goldfish.”

The boys camped out on the island across from our cottage so Finn and I made good use of our alone time.

The next morning, though, we needed a game plan.

“You guys!  We came here on a family vacation.  So we’re going to spend time together if it kills us!”

Before they could protest, I threw everyone in the car and we went to the winery on the other side of the city.

Not gonna lie, the adults were ready for a drink at this point.  However, I had other plans.

“Owen?  Aiden?  Go stand in front of that fountain.  I need some family pictures from this vacation.  Pretend you are happy!”

I may have been a little…demanding?

“Honey?  I thought we came here to drink?”  Finn asked, concern in his voice.

“Not now, Finley, or I will take your picture too!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

In the end we did enjoy some yummy French wine.  We even let the twins imbibe a little, too.  When in Rome…er, France…as they say.

We spent entirely too much money on wine while we were there.  Each of us, the twins included, bought at least 10 bottles!  It’ll find a good home sooner or later.

And because we hadn’t spent enough money, we headed for dinner and souvenirs in the town square.

After chowing down on frog’s legs, we dropped another $500 on goodies to take home.  Thank goodness it’s just the boys on this trip.  Ellie Jayne would talk her daddy into buying the whole damn city!

2 thoughts on “France: Day 1

  1. Im just going to go back a few chapters that I’ve missed. Lovely photos. Theyre such a cute family!! I remember when Penny was still dating and unsure of who to marry 🙂

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