Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.93

Note from SweetPoyzin: So I lost track of time in game and to keep things relatively in order we’re skipping way, way ahead.  Oops!

Three years later…

Our giant year of birthdays started off with Ellie Jayne.

Being the baby of the family we threw her a pretty large birthday bash.

Back when Mom died, we all expected Dad to stay just a few months but he’s still living in the attic apartment.  I love having him around and Ellie Jayne just adores Grampy.

He’s super patient with her, too.  He relentlessly tries to teach her new things even though it doesn’t always go according to plan.

The first thing Finn tired to tackle was potty training.  Muppet attempted to help but she kept getting distracted by the birds.

In the end, Ellie has us all wrapped around her little finger.

She also looks a lot like Mom.  Aside from Finn’s eye color she’s fair skinned.  Finn tells me the black hair and pointy ears come from me (he’s not wrong) but I still can’t help but wonder if Mom’s in there somehow.

Sadly, we lost Maggie shortly after Ellie’s birthday.

Patrick spent a lot of time at our house after that.  We offered him the basement in the barn but he refused.

Instead he just made things awkward by crying every time he came over which upset all of us.

Later that year, we had another birthday party.

The only difference was this one was for dogs.  Miss Muppet was getting on in age and we thought she should have a party as well.

All the best dogs were invited…which meant just Copernicus and Dinky.

Poor Muppet was just a tiny thing in comparison to the others.

It didn’t seem to matter, though.  She rocked the puppy party in style.  She’s still my #1 girl after all these years!

And, as usual, Grandma Liddy was pregnant…again.

I honestly don’t know which number baby she’s on at this point.  Regardless, she went into labor at Muppet’s party because that’s how she rolls.

Miss Ivy Leigh Lox joined her older sister Morgan Fae Lox and a slew of other family members.

Sadly, she’ll be the last little girl for Grandma Liddy.  After a very, very, very long life, she’s finally become a senior.

She’s still pretty much the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

Last but not least, Liv and I rounded out the birthdays.

Liv was excited but these days she’s up for anything.  I was not feeling middle age so I was less enthused.

Finn threw a HUGE party for the two of us…much to my chagrin.

“Oh I don’t know what to wish for!!!”

“You best pick something, Penn.  You don’t have a choice!”

She was right.  Before I knew it, I was spinning around into middle age.

And my wish came true.  I wished that I would still be one hot mama.  I made out ok.

Finn was quite pleased with the way things were turning out for us.  I had to agree with him.  Our boys would be home from boarding school soon, our daughter was thriving, the ranch was taking off.  Everything was perfect.

“May I dance with the birthday girl?”

I’d have to say this was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.93

  1. Thank you for the “catch up”! We aren’t saints, we just luv ya!! I hope your job hunt is fruitful, and I am wishing for the “moving fairies” to come unpack you (honestly, I think they retired!). =)

    1. I would rather have packing fairies honestly. I can go at my own pace when it comes to unpacking so that’s nice. It’s the packing that is a constant go-go-go!

      1. Just the opposite for me! I love packing (and tossing as I go!), but it takes me forever to unpack. I have never really felt at home where we are now, (neither has my daughter) so we never completely unpacked. Even our walls are mostly bare, sad to say, but it just feels “temporary” (which it is, for another year! lol). Hugs!! =)

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