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Liebster Award

Three years and three generations later and you all still hang around for more!  I am so grateful for the amazing support and kind words.  Thank you to all of my readers, fans, followers, and lurkers!  This is for you!
Three years and three generations later and you all still hang around for more! I am so grateful for the amazing support and kind words. Thank you to all of my readers, fans, followers, and lurkers! This is for you!

Sorry for the delay!  This has been in my drafts for a loooong time and I just finished it.

After all the trouble I’ve had with my legacy saves, I always return because of my readers.  You guys are so amazing.  It’s impossible to walk away from this story knowing I’d be leaving you all behind.  You make everything worth it.  Not only are you wonderful readers, but you are even better friends.

I am so honored to be awarded a Liebster by not one, but THREE, of my readers, all of whom are amazing bloggers themselves.  Many thanks to Noonibean (Trusting Desire), LilyParker (Jill’s 100 Baby Challenge) and Kate (Loewe Legacy) for their kind words and nominations!

The rules for the Liebster Award:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

The Nominees

  1. Isle of the Midnight Sun by Bmit
  2. The Tempest Legacy by Mollie
  3. Until My Color Fades Away by NightLock Fallen
  4. Life and Times of the Willows by Stormy
  5. Go for the Crown by simmer9120
  6. Awaken by Queenie08

Questions from Noonibean

1.) What is the most frustrating thing that has happened during gameplay? (Aka. the game/freezes crashes and you didn’t save, one of your characters accidentally dies, etc.)

Um…all the times my hard drive has crashed.  Honestly, if I didn’t have such amazing readers, I would have dropped this legacy like a hot rock long ago!  You guys make writing this beast a ton of fun though!

2.) If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one item, what or who would you choose?

My Kindle Paperwhite!  I’m an obsessive reader and with my Kindle I could have one item but like 500 books.  Of course, I’d be SOL when my battery died.  Hm…

3.) If your story/legacy became a feature film, who would you cast as your main characters?

Oh man.  Ok.  I’m only doing the heirs and their husbands..

Penny McNamara: Sandra Bullock (The attitude and humor)
Finn McNamara: Johnny Depp (The mysterious accent)
Mollie Hanks: Julie Andrews (She might be older but she is still hella sassy)
Garrett Hanks: Ian McKellan (He plays the bumbling but lovable old man so well)
Lydia Lox: Meryl Streep (She rocks)
Victor Lox: Honestly I have no idea.

4.) Superman or Batman? Or Neither?

I am so not a superhero person.

5.) If you could choose to create any expansion pack for the Sims, what kind would you want?

I think it was Freetime from The Sims 2 that I just ADORED.  We have a lot of the same stuff in TS3 but what I miss is the secret “affinity” that sims could have for a particular hobby.  And by working on a certain hobby you could unlock special magazines or whatever.  Like I said, we have so much of that already built into TS3 but I would expand that with the features from TS2.

6.) What is your favorite genre to read/write? (Aka. Romance, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Historical, etc.)

Hmm…I read anything but I guess I find myself reading Historical Fiction or Thrillers most.  I really just enjoy reading, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Except romance.  I’ve never been able to get into straight up romance novels.

7.) If there ends up being a Sims 5, what would you want it to be like?

Can I just say nope?  I haven’t been able to get into Sims 4 yet.  I have no idea what I would want out of a Sims 5.

8.) While writing your stories, do you play with other sim families for fun, or focus solely on the family at hand?

I try really hard to play other families but I never can get into them.  I’ll spend hours making the family and building the house but then I feel no connection to the family and I give up and go back to my Eternally Yours save.

9.) If you could jump into a time machine like the Sims can, where would you choose to go and why?

Ancient Rome!  I just spent the past three years working toward my BA in Art History and I specialize in Ancient Roman Sculpture.  It would be such a high to visit while those sculptures were being made.

10.) How do you feel about “rabbit holes” in the game? Any places you wish weren’t rabbit holes?

Most rabbit holes done’t bother me but I do wish I could go to school with the kids.  I wouldn’t mind going to the hospital either.  I’d love to see the babies being born!

11.) What is your favorite sim age and why?

It is either toddler or child.  I’m a huge family oriented player and I love those interactions with the kiddos!

Questions from Kate

1.) If you could start your story over, would you change something?

I’m not sure.  I think I would change it into more of a challenge.  Right now I just kind of play and I wander around but I often get “stuck” because I feel like I’m not getting anywhere.  That’s why I added rules later.  To make it more difficult for myself — to make it feel like I was achieving (not quite the right word) something.

2.) Do you get inspired by real-life situations or is your story a pure creation of your imagination?

A little of both.  I really get inspired by real life situations.  Some of the conversations my Sims have are things I heard people say while sitting in coffee shops.  Other things are totally imagined in my head.  I love it.

3.) Did you already have some experience in writing before starting blogging about The Sims?

I did.  I had a personal blog for years before I started this one.  I also wrote another Sim Legacy called Noble Cause.  I’ve always been a writer.  I have journal upon journal that I wrote as a kid.  When I got bored just “playing” the Sims I decided to turn it into something more and this is what seemed most natural to me.

4.) Do you write other stories/poems/lyrics/etc.?

I usually pull my persona blog out of t he gutter for election season.  I love to write me some political satire and the best time to do that is when ALL the candidates come out and try to score the party nomination.  They say the best things.

5.) Does your family/friends know that you’re blogging about The Sims? If yes, what do they say/think about your story?

My husband does.  He thinks it is ridiculous.  The rest of my family does not.

6.) If you’ve ever created yourself in the Sims, how far did you get with your ‘legacy’?

I did create my husband and myself a few years ago.  I know we both made it to “adult” in the game and we had two kids, Norah and Oliver.  I have no idea if we had grandchildren or not.  I want to say no because I’m pretty sure Norah went to prom with a girl and I don’t think Oliver was past teen yet.  They popped up in Eternally Yours very early on…Garrett’s mom, Kia?  That was SweetPoyzin Sim.  I think they also appeared in Storybrook County.  I don’t know if I ever wrote about them but I know SweetPoyzin and Mr. Geek were friends with Penny.

7.) What Sims 3 traits would you use to describe yourself? (If you graduated from a college/university you’re allowed to use up to 7 traits).

Family Oriented
Photographer’s Eye
Animal Lover

8.) What was your favorite loading screen that came with the Expansion/Stuff packs?

The one with the cat lady.  Or the Christmas one.

9.) Do you think The Sims 3 (expanded with all Expansion and Stuff packs) is actually worth the money you spent on it?


10.) What Sims 3 music is your favorite? (If any.)

The version of Country Girl (Shake it for Me)

11.) If you could change anything about The Sims genre, what would it be?

Cost.  It is not worth the horrible glitchy nature and yet I still dump money into it.

Questions from LilyParker

1.) What scene in your story caused the most controversy among your readers?

That one time I killed off Olivia…Sorry, guys.

2.) Where do you find inspiration for story lines?

Real life or in my imagination.  Sometimes I find myself just sitting around thinking about random stuff and say, “Hey, that would be great if that happened to so-and-so in my blog!”

3.) Do you have any other story ideas brewing besides the blogs you’re currently publishing?

I have so many story ideas I can’t keep them all straight.

4.) What is your favorite type of scene to write?

Emotional ones.  I really put a lot into them.  Sadly though I get really excited about them so the lead up and the fall out usually end up being half-assed.

5.) Do you think your story would be any different if you didn’t use The Sims to illustrate it? Does it help you or constrain you?

It helps me.  There was one scene back in Generation Two when I didn’t know where I was going to take the story.  Mollie had just had the twins and I didn’t know what was going to happen.  Mollie was in the bathroom looking in the mirror and had this look on her face that was just despair.  I realized then that Mollie was infertile and from there the struggle to adopt ensued.

6.) What types of stories do you like to read (books, blogs, etc.)?

I read everything.  I don’t care what it is (I’ll read labels on a medicine bottle in a pinch).  I just really enjoy reading.

7.) Have you ever received any great writing advice that you’d like to pass along? Or, do you have advice of your own to share?

Write every day.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Don’t stress about making it perfect.  Just write.

8.) If you were to spot one of your male characters across the room without knowing anything about him, which one would be most likely to catch your eye, and why? (No one is off limits. Assume you’re both single and that he’s straight and of the appropriate age for you. I’m not leaving out all those hot gay guys in your blogs. They’re fair game for the purposes of this question. And, if your favorite is a teenager, assume you’re one, too.)

Hmm…Probably Xander.  Even though I totally disliked him in Eternally Yours the whole reason I chose him was because of his bad-boy persona.  That catches my eye 100% of the time even though I would never actually date that kind of person.

9.) Repeat of question 8, but please choose a male character from any blog you read, and you can factor in his personality this time. (Make me fall in love with another character!)

Gavin from Queenie08’s Awaken: A Bring Me to Life Challenge Back in his younger days he was a HOTTIE!  He’s kinda nerdy and a bit of a diva but the man has such a good heart he can make you melt.

10.) How long have you been playing The Sims?

15 years

11.) Have you written from both male and female points of view? If so, which do you prefer, and why?

I have done both.  Noble Cause was written from Isaac’s POV and Eternally Yours is written from an all female POV.  I’m not sure I prefer one over the other.  They are just different and that’s not a bad thing.

My Questions to the Nominees

1.) What was the first Sims Story that you read?

2.) If your story/legacy became a feature film, who would you cast as your main characters?

3.) What is your favorite Sims 3 expansion pack?

4.) What is your favorite EA Store content?

5.) Coffee?

6.) If you could start over, what would you change about your story?

7.) What is your favorite historical time period?

8.) Do you have a favorite season?  What is your favorite in-game season and why?

9.) What is your favorite type of character to write?

10.) Do you feel a special connection to one character in your story?  Why?

11.) Who is your favorite character from any Sims 3 story?  Why?

5 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congrats! And thank you for the nomination! Awww, you mentioned Gavin <3. So do I just post my answer to these questions on my blog? Forgive me, I haven't gotten much sleep lately and my brain isn't working XD.

    1. Thank you!

      No worries! I know you are super busy so don’t feel bad if you don’t get around to answering (it took me over a month to do mine).

      Basically you just copy the questions to a post on your blog and answer them. You can nominate other blogs if you want.

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