Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.88

The boys took full advantage of the backyard play area.

What they did in the treehouse, I don’t know, and I’m not sure I want to know.  It involved a lot of explosions which were later blamed on pirates.

They still remained the best of friends even as they grew to be more different.  Owen was athletic, brave, and logical.  Aiden was more creative and a bit of a joker.

I had to admit I enjoyed our family breakfasts more than ever.  It’s nice to sit and enjoy a meal without toddlers screaming at us.

Weekends were more laid back, too!  The boys could enjoy their own activities these days.

Aiden really loves to paint.  Perhaps one day he’ll be better than Aunt Liv?

He’s also an animal lover.  He loves to feed the dog, clean the bird, and brush the horses.  He’s a huge help!

Both boys are light sleepers.  They spend the entire night tossing and turning.  God only knows how they get rested.

Now that the boys had started school, I found I had oodles of time for myself.

I was able to get all the chores done both at home and on the ranch in just a few hours now that I wasn’t also chasing after toddlers (who also had a real talent for running in opposite directions…I swear they planned that).

I was actually able to do some things for myself!  I spent one entire afternoon working on my tan!  Not that you could tell since I am perpetually purple.

I broke out Henrietta and went for a drive down to the beach.

I even got to do the grocery shopping in record time!  Amazing what you could do without toddlers hanging off your arms and legs!

Several months into my lonely adventures I started craving weird foods.

I mean, I’d always loved a good peanut butter and banana sandwich but never to the point where I had to eat on…NOW.

I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  We’d been trying to get pregnant for nearly 4 years.  I knew my mom dealt with infertility and I just assumed that was my lot as well.

Still…I found myself hopefully drawn to the resale shop.

I told myself I was just there to pick out stuff for the boys.  No biggie.

Eight positive pregnancy tests later I finally had the courage to call the doctor.  I didn’t tell Finn I was going because I didn’t want to see his face if it wasn’t true.

One blood test later and I had all the reason I needed to head back to the resale shop.

I spent the rest of the day painting furniture.  After dinner that evening I told Finn I had a surprise for him.

“The hell…?  OH MY GOD!  Penny!  Does this mean what I think it means?!”

“Yes, sir-ree.  You’re gonna be a daddy again!”

I think he was pretty darn happy.

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