Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.87

Note from SweetPoyzin: Remember how I said things might get a little wonky…well, they got wonky.  I forgot spring.  At least I’m not the only one who has experienced this phenomena.  It happened to the Knights of the Round Table, too!

Summer reared its ugly head again and Eden Grove was engulfed in a heat wave like never before.  Even though it was blistering hot, we took the boys to the Summer Festival for their first fireworks show.

It was a tiny show…  But we thought it would be fun anyway.

“Cover your ears, boys!  Cover your ears!”

“Look!  Look, boys!  Look boys!  It’s going to start!  Pay attention, you’ll miss it!”

They were totally not amused by our fireworks.

So we headed home where I grilled some steaks and Finn played with the kids in the backyard.

Summer flew headlong into a rough Fall.

Our chinchilla Pancho died.  Even Muppet was sad.

I still wasn’t pregnant so I took it out on Finn by training him.  It was a love-hate relationship for him.

Hadley and Katie dropped by for Trick-or-Treating.  They were heading off to college next Fall!  Even though I’d already seen Katie become a young woman, it was fun to watch her get a do-over, too (even if she didn’t know it).

In between everything else, Finn and I kept trying for that baby.

Winter meant big things for our little family.

The biggest event of the year was happening at our house that Christmas.  The boys were having a birthday.

“How ya holding up, twin?”

“So-so, Liv.  We just hoped to be pregnant by now.”

“Don’t you worry.  By this time next year, I’m sure there will be another little rugrat to celebrate with us!”

“Hannah!  Come over here!  We need more positive Mommy Power for Penny’s uterus!”  My sister is so eloquent.

Luckily, Owen distracted his aunt so nobody else got near my uterus.

Finn got the birthday business rolling with Owen up first to the cake.

“Ready, Monster?  One, two, three! Ooooooo”

Aiden was next!

After the festivities, Owen ran off with my dad and grandpa to play mah-jong.  Aiden stayed down with the family.

He was totally enraptured by Finn’s stories of life on the farm.

“You mean, you say a baby horse come out of a grown up horse!?  EWWWW!”

“Just wait until Juniper foals next month!  You can watch, too!”

“OH MY GOD!  Dad!  That’s so yucky!”

The best part of the night?  I didn’t have to clean up!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.87

  1. You know.. sometimes I swear we skip seasons ourselves. We literally had no winter. It’s depressing. We’re in a drought.. so how about you send us some rain! LOL

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