Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.86

Note from SweetPoyzin: So the doctor prescribed some medication that makes me a little…wonky.  I’ve tried to keep the plot and timeline straight but I fear it didn’t work out the way I planned.  Sorry!

Finn and I spent the rest of the summer working on that baby.

We even got a little creative in our efforts.  I mean, it couldn’t be all work and no play, right?!

Meanwhile, the boys just kept on growing.  Before we knew it they were wandering around the house on their own two feet!

Everyone’s favorite part of the day was when Daddy got home.  That meant a story for the boys and they loved taking turns as the page turner.  Did I say loved taking turns?  I meant they loved fighting over who got to be the page turner.

Story-time with Daddy meant Mommy got to take advantage of the distraction and restore some sanity to her living room.

As summer turned into Fall, Finn and I made some big business plans.

The boys of course had no knowledge of what Mommy and Daddy were planning for the future and that was ok for now.

Let’s be honest, if they saw their Daddy looking like this…well, it’s just best they didn’t.

What were we planning exactly?

Despite his goofy antics, Tiberius was ready for breeding.  He was now an International champion in racing, jumping, and cross-country competition and we were ready to capitalize on his offspring.

I’d been combing the wild horses in the area and found the perfect girl for Tiberius.

She was a beautiful brown and white paint and I’d seen her run several times (often from me) so I knew they’d produce speedy offspring.  The trick was gaining her trust.  I worked on that task the rest of the summer.

Finn spent his free-time across the street building a barn on the empty lot we purchased.  I decided to put my experience to good use and make a living as a horse trainer.

We planned to open Wild Horse Ranch in the spring.  I could train at least eight horses, though if I wanted to really produce good results, I planned to house only four breeding adults and their offspring.

Finally, just before winter set in, Juniper came home to stay.

The winter was pretty uneventful.

The boys were nearly ready for a birthday party.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t pregnant yet but I wasn’t going to dwell on it.  I still had work to do.

They walked.  They talked.  They still peed their pants.  Potty training was our last major milestone.  I was getting concerned that I was going to have to send my boys to kindergarten in diapers.  They came through at the last-minute though and learned to use that potty with style.

Finn is not really handy (remember…he sets himself on fire nearly every time he gets near a tool bench or an upgrade).  He is nurturing though which is good.  We had a rash of issues at home that winter so Finn diligently took care of the boys while I dealt with the fallout.

First it was the washing machine.

Then the dishwasher went on strike.

We broke the shower ourselves.  I think it was telling us to get a room.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.86

  1. I’m still laughing about the shower telling them to ‘get a room’!!! I think your story is going quite well, despite your new meds! Hugs, sweetie! =)

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