Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.85

My boys were growing quickly but unfortunately life wasn’t slowing down for us.

Finn and I did find a day where we could take our boys to the park to explore.

We even got out photos taken in the photobooth during the Spring Festival.

But like I said, time didn’t slow down for us.  Coquette still needed training if she was to be reading for the upcoming competition season.  Finn and I maximized on the training schedule I set up.  He came to the training grounds and examined the horses while the boys chilled on their play mats.

Coquette and I had been race training for several hours when I decided to give her a rest and feed the babies.

The problem was that the boys had gone missing.

“OH MY GOD!”  I was screaming and carrying on and really losing my shit.  Then I went numb.  Tiberius kept on whinnying and when Finn heard the commotion he came running from the barn.

“They’re gone, Finn.  They just vanished.”  It was all I could muster.

Suddenly, Coquette took off across the training grounds.

“Finn, she knows something!”

“I think you’re screaming scared her, honey.”

“No.  She knows something.  She wants me to follow her.”

I broke out into a full on run behind Coquette with Finn reluctantly following a woman he thought just lost her mind.

I was right.  Call it mother’s intuition or just a rider in tune with her horse.  Call it whatever you want but Coquette found the boys.  Time did not slow down for us and before I knew it my babies were crawling.  Suddenly they were on the move.

We weren’t entirely ready for toddlers.

That being the case, I headed out early one morning to get to the resale shop before all the good stuff was taken.

I left Finn in charge of my morning gardening while I was out.

I was more than a little overwhelmed by the resale shop.  Despite having coma dream babies, I didn’t know the first thing about real-life toddlers.

There were so many choices!  Why couldn’t there just be one type of playpen, one type of bed, and one type of walker?  Why did there need to be so many?!

When I came across the toys I was more in my element and the rest of the shopping trip went smoothly.

I’m pretty sure I managed to throw together a room any little boy would love.

After getting their room set up, I did the customary toddler photoshoot.  You can already see their budding personalities!  Owen is more quiet and contemplative whereas Aiden is my giggly joker.

Even though they are quite different, the boys are closer than close.  They love spending their time together in the playpen just goofing off.

My house will never be the same.

Spring rolled into a hot lazy summer.

For Leisure Day we decided to just chill in our own backyard.  The boys toddled around in the their little cars While Finn and I took advantage of our yet unused swing set.

“Hey, Finn, I’ve been thinking…the boys are getting older.  And well, I think we should have another baby.”

Finn was quiet for a long while and I thought maybe he was never going to answer.

“That’s a great idea!  I know Mattie was a toddler when I came around and I was a toddler when my parents had Sarah when I was a toddler.  We were all really close.  Let’s make a baby, Baby!”

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.85

  1. Another bambino, eh?? I hope they get a girl!! Where did you find those cute cars the boys were playing in??? Good story, waiting patiently for more! ♥

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