Month: June 2015

Liebster Award

Sorry for the delay!  This has been in my drafts for a loooong time and I just finished it. After all the trouble I’ve had with my legacy saves, I always return because of my readers.  You guys are so amazing.  It’s impossible to…

Chapter 3.91

Even though we all missed my mom terribly, it was nice having Dad around. Ellie really was the light of his life.  Grandpa doted on that little girl something fierce. And I wasn’t about to complain.  I mean…what mom of three kids ever has…

Remembering Mollie

Photos:  SweetPoyzin Music: “To Where You Are” by Josh Groban Created in: Windows Movie Maker

Chapter 3.90

Goodbye, Mollie.

Chapter 3.89

Note from SweetPoyzin: Long and picture heavy Baby #3 brought massive cravings.  Early in the pregnancy it was peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  Midway through it was spicy foods.  Now…all things fried. Owen loves fried food so he was my partner in crime. I’m…

Chapter 3.88

The boys took full advantage of the backyard play area. What they did in the treehouse, I don’t know, and I’m not sure I want to know.  It involved a lot of explosions which were later blamed on pirates. They still remained the best…

Chapter 3.87

Note from SweetPoyzin: Remember how I said things might get a little wonky…well, they got wonky.  I forgot spring.  At least I’m not the only one who has experienced this phenomena.  It happened to the Knights of the Round Table, too! Summer reared its…

Chapter 3.86

Note from SweetPoyzin: So the doctor prescribed some medication that makes me a little…wonky.  I’ve tried to keep the plot and timeline straight but I fear it didn’t work out the way I planned.  Sorry! Finn and I spent the rest of the summer…

Chapter 3.85

My boys were growing quickly but unfortunately life wasn’t slowing down for us. Finn and I did find a day where we could take our boys to the park to explore. We even got out photos taken in the photobooth during the Spring Festival….

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

And we have a winner, well…winners, for the Reader Appreciation Lottery!


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