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Character Spotlight: Finley McNamara

This legacy has ballooned into a giant beast.  At last count, I had over 70 family members.  Now, I don’t know about you all, but when I’m reading a book, I want to know more about characters.  I don’t care if they are major or minor or only make one tiny appearance.  I love back stories.

You guys don’t realize it but I have back stories for all my characters.  I know who they are before they even appear in a chapter.  With the help of StoryProgression from NRAAS, I also know what happens to characters who strike out on their own.

Long story short: I want to share these bits with you.

This first one is going to be a doozy (they won’t all be this long).  It was written by the lovely DaniDoll in order to help me connect with Penny’s husband, Finn.

See, after my hard drive crashed, I was able to re-create Peter Pagano, but he felt like a doppelganger Peter.  I knew who he was within the previous plot, but I wasn’t sure who he would be within Penny’s new plot.  So I decided that Penny needed a fresh start and with that came a new man.  I threw some guy together in CAS and since I love the family aspect I tossed in parents and siblings.  Instant family.  Yet they lacked the backstory I adore.

I mentioned on MyPage how disconnected I felt with Finn because I didn’t know who he was.  Dani was quick to message me on Simbook for details on Eden Grove and Finn’s family and within a few hours I knew exactly who he is.

So without further ado, I present: Finley Owen McNamara.

Owen Finley McNamara

Current Age: 36
Age at First Appearance: 30
Career: Veterinarian
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Species: Human
Degree: Science and Medicine
Likes: Country Music, Tri-Tip Steak, Spice Brown
Traits: Family Oriented, Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Animal Lover, Nurturing, Eccentric (Nerd trait), Workaholic (Degree trait)
Other Information: Has one son from a previous relationship

And from the AMAZING DaniDoll:

Eden Grove: A Small Farming Community
Population: 150 Sims

Some Sims would say, Eden Grove isn’t exactly a place where most want to pick up their lives and lay roots down, unless of course you’re related to the McNamara’s.  The McNamara’s are one of the founding families of Eden Grove and have resided here since first immigrating from Ireland in 1832.

Patrick and Maggie McNamara are beloved by the residents of Eden Grove, as are their three children, Matthew, Finn, and Sarah McNamara. Although, if you cozy up to the natives, some might whisper that their favorite McNamara is Finn. Even as a small child, Finn McNamara’s personality drew others to him like bees to honey.
He was sweet, down to earth, and had a laugh that was infectious! Not to mention, he was very courteous.
However, in Eden Grove, there are no secrets.

As a teenager, Finn was referred to by many as “the other hot McNamara.” Most thought Finn would be lost in his older brother’s “hottie McHottersen’s” shadow, but Finn only proved “them” wrong.  With a 4.0 GPA, and acing all of his classes, Finn was a HOT NERD!  Finn McNamara’s popularity had nothing to do with his older brother being the quarterback of the football team or the lead guitarist in a band. Finn made a name for himself all on his own. He volunteered down at the Animal Rescue Shelter where he helped nurse sick, wounded, and orphaned animals until they could be released back into the wild. He helped his father out on their Ranch without so much as whining about it and he often was found helping his Mother cook dinner, and always cleaned up afterwards.  He listened to 50’s music, drove his Dad’s 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan, tutored those who needed help in school and helped Mrs. Thursten with her handicapped son.  There wasn’t a person alive on Eden Grove who didn’t like/love Finn McNamara, but no one is perfect.

It was the beginning of second semester, sophomore year, Finn was walking down the hallway to gym. Loitering really so that he could finish the last chapter of the book he was reading when he heard her crying.  Melanie Caldwell. Head Cheerleader, super popular, and rumor had it – “best kisser on campus.”  Not many knew what happened that day, or how Finn and Melanie started dating.  Rumors spread that Melanie had staged the whole thing so that Finn would feel bad for her and drive her home and she could make a move on her.  Others say that Melanie and her on and off again college boyfriend had broken up and Finn took that opportunity to “get with” the most popular girl in Eden Grove High School. Whatever the case may be, Melanie and Finn became inseparable.

Patrick and Maggie adored Melanie, however Finn’s little sister and his older brother’s fiancé, Jenna, did not.
Nothing Jenna and Sarah said to Finn could convince him to break up with Melanie and after a year and a half of the two of them dating, they finally gave up.

It was halfway through their senior year when Finn announced that he’d applied and was accepted to Bridgeport University!  He wanted to go to school to become a veterinarian!  His parents were beyond thrilled and couldn’t wait to start telling their friends of their genius son going off to college to become a veterinarian!  Melanie was not happy. Not only was she shocked to hear that he’d even applied to LEAVE Eden Grove to go to college, but Bridgeport?!  She wanted Finn to go with her to Sunset Falls University!

Melanie tried everything to get Finn to follow her to Sunset Falls, but he was set on going to Bridgeport.  When she offered to apply, he told her not to change where she was going for him.  She had a full scholarship from cheerleading to Sunset Falls University and she shouldn’t give that up just because he was going to another college.  She tried arguing with him, but Finn didn’t argue.  It wasn’t in his nature.  So, she broke up with him.

Finn was heartbroken to say the least, but determined to not show it.  He openly flirted with other girls, especially around Melanie.  Two weeks before their senior prom, Melanie surprised Finn by crawling through his bedroom window after midnight.  Without a word, they started making out and for the first time, Finn made love to Melanie.  When he woke the next morning, Melanie was gone.  She hadn’t even left a note.  He tried calling her, but her mom said she was out on a date with Chad Mulberry.  On Monday at school, Finn watched Melanie out of the corner of his eye – watching her watch him.  Openly flirting and making out with Chad at her locker.  Finn ignored the open taunts she threw at him and pretended as if he hadn’t lost his virginity to the woman he thought he’d loved.

Prom came, he decided since he bought tickets that he was still going to go.  He knew exactly who he wanted to go with, surprisingly it wasn’t Melanie Caldwell!  Susie Cartwright was cute and bubbly and she made Finn laugh.  Of course, Susie said yes when Finn asked her to prom. Susie was supposed to go with her best friend and some other friends as a group, but she said they’d understand.

Finn drove out to the Cartwright ranch to pick up Susie and was shocked when he watched her walk down the stairs in a baby blue silk dress.  Her red hair pulled up on top of her head, curled.  A pearl necklace hung from her delicate neck.  She was amazing, how could he have not noticed her three years ago?  Finn and Susie were dancing when Melanie showed up.  Eye make-up smeared, pink dress torn.  Screaming for Finn.  He ran to her, Susie following right on his heels. Melanie fell into his arms, sobbing.  Asking Susie to help him, Finn and Susie hauled Melanie from the school gym to Finn’s car and put her in the backseat.  Susie decided she would just stay and get a ride home from Tracy Hillard, she kissed Finn on the cheek and walked back to the gym by herself.

Getting into the car, Finn headed to Melanie’s house.  He heard Melanie giggle, and looking over his shoulder he saw that Melanie was holding Susie’s pearl necklace.  How’d she get that off of her without her noticing?!  Pulling over, Finn tried to get it back from her and somehow in the midst of trying to wrestle the pearls away from Melanie, she somehow ended up on top of him, naked.  They made love for the second time in the backseat of his car half way to Melanie’s house.  They laid there together for hours, the sky starting to turn pink, the color of Melanie’s dress. Turned out, Melanie had shown up at Finn’s house when he didn’t come pick her up for prom and she’d walked all the way to the school after his mother told her he’d already left to go pick up Susie.

He didn’t apologize.  He didn’t say anything to her.  He didn’t even know who she was anymore, yet he loved her.
Melanie finally sat up, Finn started at her in awe.  She wasn’t shy, like he’d thought she’d be.  She wouldn’t look at him though.  He thought he’d done something wrong.  When she finally did speak, it was to ask him for the last time to come with her to Sunset Falls University.  He was too stunned with how this night went and only told her he’d think about it. She laid her head on his shoulder until the sun started to rise, then he took her home.

The last month of school flew by, he and Melanie were back together and were having many late night rendezvous!
The night of graduation, Finn and Melanie were making out hot and heavy in the backseat of Finn’s car when Melanie suddenly pulled away from him and got out of the car.  He was getting used to her acting like this, sighing, Finn got out of the car and adjusted his suit.  He tried asking her what was wrong, but she just stood there looking out across the sea, hair blowing in the wind.  Finally giving up, he turned opening the passenger side door of his car and walking around to the drivers side.  He started the car as a sign that he was leaving.  She finally turned and got in.

They didn’t speak the entire way to graduation.  Once they got there, they were separated almost instantly mostly due to their friends, but also because it was alphabetical order.  Of course, Finn was Valedictorian!  His speech was epic!  The girls cried, even some of the boys.  The teachers beamed at him and the guys well…they all hooted and hollered!  Not only was Finn Valedictorian, but he was on the Principle’s Honor Roll and had received a scholarship from the Animal Rescue Shelter, from the school, as well as from Bridgeport University!  After receiving his diploma, posing for the camera, and heading off to go turn in his cap and gown.  Finn started to look for Susie.  He never officially apologized for what had happened at prom and he never got the chance to really speak to her afterwards what with Melanie and him always off doing their own thing.  He was beginning to wonder if that was Melanie’s plan all along.

Shaking his head, he looked up to see Melanie talking to the Dean of Bridgeport University.  He could tell she was pissed.  Her cheeks here red, and her arms were folded tightly in front of her.  The Dean seemed in a pleasant mood, oblivious to the storm that was Melanie Caldwell brewing right in front of him.  Deciding he was not going to go there, Finn immediately headed into the throng of the graduates and all those celebrating with them.  He’d found Tracy and Susie posing for pictures, making silly faces at the camera.  Finn caught himself laughing, he’d realized for the first time in the last month.  Shaking his head, he walked over to the girls and they immediately pulled him in the middle of them and began posing with Finn.  By the time he’d realized Melanie was standing there watching Finn, Susie and Tracy posing and laughing hysterically the crowd had thinned out and his parents were no where to be seen.  He hugged both of the girls, congratulating them on graduating, and kissed Susie Cartwright on the cheek – winking at her before he turned away.

Before he could even take two steps, Melanie was standing in front of him.  She accused him of lying to her about switching schools.  Accused him of using her and playing mind games.  Although Finn had never said he would change schools, he knew that this was going to end badly no matter what.  Sighing, he put his arm around her waist and led her off the field to go return their cap and gowns.

Melanie had changed.  She used to be sweet, caring, considerate. Now she was… well… he wouldn’t say crazy, but something was off with her. He felt like they were drifting apart. She never told him she loved him anymore. Before he could talk to her, she said she had to go and walked off towards her parents. They waved at Finn before they wrapped their arms around their daughters shoulders and headed off to their vehicle.  Shaking his head, Finn laughed to himself and walked off towards his car.

The next morning, his car was packed with his suitcases. His mother, little sister Sarah, and Jenna all stood on the steps hugging each other crying. Matthew was shaking his head at them and his father stood by the drivers side door, his eyebrows furrowed at his wife. Finn looked at his family and felt nothing but overwhelming love and joy for them. He walked up and hugged all three woman, kissing them each on the forehead. Shook his brother’s hand, who then pulled him into a bear hug and stuck a condom in his back pocket while whispering to always remember to “always bait the worm before you cast off.” Patting his brother on this shoulder, he turned to his father. The man who’d taught him to properly clean a trout, milk a cow, and drive the tractor. His father nodded as if he knew what his son was thinking and pulled him into a hug. He then turned and opened the car door and stepped back for his son to get behind the wheel.

Finn got into his car, buckled up and started the ignition. He looked at his family in the review mirror. Smiling and waving as he pulled away for the last time in who knows how long, and drove down the familiar dirt road. He thought of Melanie and decided he should say goodbye to her. He pulled off the main drag headed towards the town square of Eden Grove, and turned towards Melanie’s ranch. When he pulled up he noticed that the family car was gone. Getting out he walked up the three steps to Melanie’s front door and knocked four times. He laughed out loud when he realized he’d always knocked four times whenever he came to the door. How weird?

Melanie’s brother answered. He was thirteen, going through that awkward stage of adolescence and manhood. He was excited to see Finn, but also surprised. He’d thought for sure he’d had left the night before to see Melanie off. Off where? The brother wasn’t sure, he just shrugged eating another mouthful of his apple he had in his hand. She was leaving. Probably college, but Finn knew that Melanie wasn’t starting college until the fall. Leaving his phone number and his address with Melanie’s brother with instructions to make sure he gave that to his parents and have one of them (or preferably Melanie) call him asap.

Finn then headed to the docks. Once the ferry boat showed up, Finn drove his car onto and parked. Normally he would just ride the trip in his car, eating whatever snacks his Mom had baked for him, but this time he was leaving Eden Grove for a long time and he wanted to see it in all its glory. Getting out of his car, he walked to the end of the ferry boat. Thoughts of Melanie crowded his mind. Where was she going? Why now? She’s never been off of Eden Grove before, no matter how many times he’d asked her to come with him and his Dad when they headed to the City, she’d always told him no. She was afraid of the boats, she’d said. What was really going on? Finn looked up and tears filled his eyes. The entire town had come and was holding up a gigantic farewell banner for Finn. He waved and waved until he no longer could see Eden Grove.

It was a rocky start at Bridgeport University for Finn. He had some trouble finding a job, and his roommate was a dick.  Eventually, Finn found employment and after four months of saving, he’d moved out of his dorm room and got a place off campus. He wrote his mother, Sarah, Jenna, Matthew, and his father everyday. Surprisingly, Susie was also attending Bridgeport University! Eventually they started dating and even moved in together for two years before they decided that they were better off as friends, but continued living together because it worked for them. They were on the same schedule so no one had to worry about stepping on someone’s toes. About a year after starting school, Finn got a letter without a return address. The contents of this letter shocked him to his core.

Dear Mr. McNamara,
Please understand that this letter is no way meant to hurt or taunt you, if we had known you knew nothing about what was transpiring, we never would have signed the closed adoption contact. We thought about this long and hard and thought that writing you an anonymous letter to inform you that you had fathered a beautiful, healthy son was all that we could offer you. Please know that we are more than capable on raising our son who will never want for anything out of life and whom we will love with our entire being. We ask that you please not look for him, or if you know who the birth mother is, to not badger her either. We again are very sorry. Please forgive her and us for not inquiring about our son’s parents more. We only asked about what we thought was important.
– Yours Truly

Finn collapsed, hours later Susie found him and he was rushed to the hospital. When he woke, his mother and father were in the room and were off talking to the doctor in hushed tones. Finn, called to his mother, who ran to his side. She held him as Finn sobbed into the shoulder of her blouse. His father put his hand on his son’s leg and bowed his head. Susie had found the letter clenched in Finn’s. She’d given it to the police when they showed up to question her about Finn’s state when she found him. His parents hadn’t known about their grandson. Of course they didn’t, they would never had kept such a thing from Finn. When his father asked him if he knew who the birth mother was, Finn said only one name. Melanie Caldwell. His mother had gasped, and his father looked shocked. It explained so much.

The Caldwell’s had moved three months ago. They didn’t give any reason as to why they suddenly just upped and moved. One day they were there, the next they were gone. They hired an investigator to try and find Melanie, but she never enrolled at Sunset Valley University and there was no forwarding address for her family. After three years of searching, Finn finally gave up looking for his son and for his son’s mother who never once called to tell him that she was pregnant with his child.  This was her plan all along, he knew it. To get back at him for leaving her behind. He’d always planned on coming back to Eden Grove. He tried telling her that, but she accused him of abandoning her. Finn eventually graduated from College with a Masters under his belt. When time came for him to move back to Eden Grove, Susie announced that she wanted to stay in Bridgeport. Signing over the lease to Susie and promising to stay in touch, Finn headed back home leaving behind the smell of smog and burnt rubber in the air and the anonymous letter from his Son’s adoptive parents in his back pocket.

Coming home to Eden Grove felt like he’d never left. The place was timeless. The air was clean and crisp. He could smell the ripe apples in the air. He could hear the children at school playing, looking at his watch he realized it would be lunch recess. He hadn’t told his parents he was coming home today, but sure enough as soon as the Ferry rounded the bend, he could see the entire town at the docks with a huge “Welcome Home Banner” waiting for Finn. He shook his head, thinking of Susie. Everyone knew everyone’s business in Eden Grove… even if you lived 10 hrs away, they still knew your business. Once from Eden Grove, always from Eden Grove, Finn thought. He looked at Sarah’s tear streaked face, noticed the ring on her hand. He hadn’t even known that his little sister had gotten married. Jenna was there, her arms cradling her rounded belly. Matthew stood by her side with his arm wrapped around her waist, grinning at his little brother. His Father and Mother stood holding each other, tears flowing freely down their faces as they smiled at their son. This was home. Finn McNamara was coming home at last.

It was three years after his homecoming when Finn finally had his Grand Opening of the Eden Grove’s McNamara’s Animal Clinic! Of course, EVERYONE in town came. Even Susie, with her husband and three children, came to celebrate Finn’s accomplishments. Though he had so much to be happy for, and for the most part he was, Finn was lonely. He’d tried dating, but those all failed miserably. What he really wanted was a family. He wanted his son. His son that he would never know.

A few months later, Finn’s sister-in-law Jenna called him from the local bar. He couldn’t make out what she was saying, cell phone reception sucked at the bar. Assuming she was drunk, he got into his car and drove out the bar. When he walked in, he looked around. He heard Jenna before he saw her, but when he looked towards where she was sitting at the bar it wasn’t Jenna he was looking at.

She was breathtaking. Her skin was an offshade of blueish purple, her hair was black – but looked soft and warm, like the feather’s of a Raven. She looked over at him suddenly, as if he’d called her name. She looked shocked. Her eyes rounded, her lips parted, and he could tell she wasn’t breathing.

Yes, he thought, I will marry this woman.

4 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Finley McNamara

  1. Very thorough and interesting back story! So, they saw each other earlier than at the library! Poor Fin! Well, that give you more fodder for your story, too!! I loved it! ♥

  2. Awwww!! ❤ I'm so glad you liked it! I was worried that I got carried away, to be honest, lol. I tend to do that sometimes. As you might have noticed with my own blog *winks* And thank you babay! I never did see the post you made about your opinion on the site, I apologize for missing it! I appreciate so much that you enjoyed it!! Thank you ladies so much for all the love! I'm so happy that it helped you connect with him, Sweets!! I had tons of fun writing it and if you ever need help with any other characters, you know how to find me! AIR HUGS!! xoxoxo!

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