Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.84

Spring arrived and our little farm was springing to life itself.

I was outside taking care of things when Finn came to tell me exactly what I didn’t want to hear.

“Honey, I have to leave for work in an hour.”

“You can’t!  You cannot leave me here alone with the twins.  I’m not…I can’t…”

“You can though!  You can and you will!  We don’t really have a choice, honey.  We have two dogs, two babies, a horse, and a huge mortgage.  If I don’t go back to work we’ll have two dogs, two babies, a horse, and a cardboard box instead of a house.”

“What if something goes wrong?!”

“Call me, Penny.  I’ll be home in 10 minutes or less.  I will move mountains to reach you three.”

And then he left for work and I was left alone with the boys.

I ran upstairs to check on them.  They were, of course, fine.  It’s not like they can get into trouble…yet.

So I took advantage of the quiet to get some house work done.

Two hours later though I’d gotten everything done at home and needed to go grocery shopping.  So I left my 3 month old sons with a babysitter for the first time ever.

Thank goodness my sister lives next door.  She promised to drop in and make sure the babysitter wasn’t leaving the kids under a bush or anything crazy.

So I went grocery shopping.

While I was there I dropped in next door.  They had a daycare center called “Mommy’s Day Out.”  It looked super fun but we’d have to wait until the kids were a little older before they’d ever get anything out of it.

After that I rushed home to check on my boys.  They were totally fine.  I only got to be home for an hour before I had call Katie to come watch the boys again so Tiberius and I could go run our first race in a year.

We hadn’t practiced at all so I wasn’t thinking we’d win.

Tiberius surprised me and we won both races.  We had finally gained international prestige.  Someone offered me $25,000 for Tiberius after the race but I’d never part with such an amazing animal.

When I got home, Finn had prepared dinner for me and he was cleaning the house.  I married a kickass man.

After I finished eating, Finn told me he had a gift in the barn for me.  A token of appreciation for birthing such awesome little boys.

“Her name’s Coquette.  Tiberius might be a racehorse, but this girl will fly over jumps.”

“Oh, Finn.  She’s beautiful!”

I wasn’t about to tell him I had too much to do already.  And she was a gorgeous creature.  Maybe I could make this work?

As spring edged closer to summer, my work load only increased.

My garden was taking more and more of my time.

I had two stalls to muck out every day.

Two horses to maintain.

And Coquette was not proving easy to train!  She fought me every step of the way.  I was glad Finn missed out on all the times she tried to throw me.  I knew she could be a prize winning show jumper.

She’d jump a couple of times and then try to throw me.  Jump and throw.  This was the way things continued every day, every week.

She was a ham though and I loved her despite her stubbornness.  Obviously, she was meant for me.

But Tiberius was still my boy.  We continued to win races in between training Coquette.

And I continued to put out fires on the home front.  Literally.  My husband is not the inventor he thinks he is.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.84

  1. I had to laugh when you said Penny had her sister check on the babysitter – couldn’t help remembering some of the things sim babysitters do!! She needs a butler, or a dragon to help with the gardening! =) (Marriage has not affected your writing ability lol!)

    1. Haha! Poor Penny herself was left crying and starving by a babysitter way, way back in the day! And I still call Mr. Geek my fiance multiple times a day!

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