Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.83

Christmas was just a few days away.

We didn’t do much decorating this year but I figured that was acceptable given the fact that I was very, very pregnant.

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning on December 23rd it happened.

“FINLEY!  Grab the bags we’re having some babies!”

We reached the hospital just as the sun was coming up.

We brought our boys home on Christmas Eve morning, just in time for Santa leave them some goodies.

We’re aren’t going to count our chickens before they hatch but…

Owen Finley and Aiden Gray are pretty mellow little boys.  Of course, they’ve only been home for about 12 hours and they’ve slept through most of that so it’s kinda hard to discern any real personality.

They were the best little Christmas gifts ever so naturally we had to put them under the tree.  However, the world doesn’t stop because we happened to have two very new babies.

Despite the fact that it was 7:30 at night the boys were very much awake…but they weren’t crying.  Finn and I decided to take advantage of this by getting the house ready for the Christmas party were hosting the next day.

Finn cleaned.

I cooked.  I figured everyone could just deal with pre-cooked Turkey.  I knew my family wouldn’t hold it against me once they saw my adorable new sons.

Around 9:30 Finn and I were able to grab some pizza.

“Oh My God.  Penny.  We can’t eat this.  The boys are going to pick up on our terrible eating habits!”

“They are 17 hours old, Finn.  I’m pretty sure they have barely picked up on the fact that they are no longer inside my uterus.  You’ll eat that pizza now or go hungry once they realize where they are!”

After dinner, the boys were still holding it together so I took the opportunity to make Christmas cookies.

Oh course, that’s when Owen decided he was done with the outside world.

“I’ve got him, P!  Shhhh.  Shhhh.  Daddy’s here.”

As soon as Finn got Owen to relax, Aiden burst into tears.  This only upset Owen again and Finn wasn’t sure what to do at that point.

“Do you need help, hun?”

“Uh…no?  Yes.  Definitely yes.”

We were able to get both boys in bed by midnight.  Naturally, they woke us both us again at 3am and then at 5am.  It was a rough first night.

And then there was Muppet.

Bless her heart.  She’s totally unaware of the tiny screaming humans in the next room.  She had no idea when she woke us up at 6am that we had spent most of the night awake with the boys.

But wake us up she did.

“You check on the boys, hun.  I’ll have the coffee ready when you get downstairs.”

Finn knows the way to my heart.

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

“Shh, Finn.  Coffee.”

“Finley.  We are going to need to double our coffee budget with two babies.  My mother is a saint.  Did we get her a good Christmas gift because I think I owe her one.”

After breakfast I dumped the boys in their baby swings and decided to take advantage of the quiet.

Finn apparently beat me to it.  My Christmas party was in three hours and I wasn’t even sure I’d be awake for it.

We woke up in time for the party.

Although, the snow had melted at that point.  I never thought I’d miss a white Christmas but I did.\

We invited a lot more people but I’ll be honest, I’m glad that it was just mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa who stayed.  Liv, Mike, Adam, and Hannah all stopped in to meet the twins and drop off presents but they figured we didn’t really want a house full of people.  Thank God for them.

We kept the party short, sweet, and to the point.  I got some really great baby gifts.  I gave my parents the biggest hugs ever, and then everyone went on their way.

The boys gave Mommy and Daddy the best gift of all that night.

Uninterrupted sleep.

“You don’t think Santa stole them, do you Penny?”

“I already checked.  They are both in their cribs, alive and well.  Don’t question it, Finley.  For the love of Christ, don’t question it.  You’ll jinx it and they will never sleep again.”

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.83

    1. It was a fun one that’s for sure! This is the same Christmas party in which Hannah, Liv, and Liddy all left pregnant. So it seems like everyone had fun! At least the boys will have some cousins to play with!

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