Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.81

We were slowly pulling our new lives together.

I was totally in love with my new fryer.

For the first three months all I ate was fried food.  Poor Finn had to work out twice as much as usual to burn the weight off.

Muppet knew something was up but she didn’t quite know what.

We made sure she got some extra love these days.

Copernicus was still enjoying his aggressive streak.  We were going to have to break that before these babies arrived.

Before I knew it I was nesting.  Quite literally actually.

I found a falcon during one of my outings and I was compelled to befriend the little fellow and take him home.

Finn was a good sport.  We named him Freddie Falcon and set him up in the living room.

Finn was a good sport about a lot of things.

The ice cream maker and fryer caused huge messes but he lovingly cleaned them up without complaining.

I cleaned Freddie because I felt like I should do something to alleviate the burden on Finn.

Finn and I decided to head out on the town.  We heard there was a SimFest at the fairgrounds and we wanted to see what all the hype was about.

The magician was only so-so.  He really left a lot to be desired.

The singer, though?  She rocked the socks off the park!

While there, we ran into our dads and decided to partake of some festival games together.  It was a little weird because I hadn’t yet shared my pregnancy with the family.  Luckily, I wasn’t showing that much and my dad isn’t super perceptive.

I was a little concerned when a bout of morning sickness came on but my dad seemed to think it was from the hot dog eating contest.

When Finn and his dad went off to play horseshoes, my dad and I sat down to play chess.

After the festival closed, Finn and I played on the playground.  We decided it was time to tell the family about the twins so we planned a party for the weekend.

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