Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.80

After a few weeks back home we settled into a routine.

We actually started enjoying quiet nights at home jamming together in a makeshift band.  By makeshift band I mean we were playing two different pieces because we both suck at music.

I’d picked up a bout of something funky since coming home from China.  Finn was certain it was some sort of parasite since other countries may or may not have the same kind of food inspection practices that we do here.  I had an inkling it was a parasite, too…just not the kind of parasite that Finn was thinking.

I had a very strong sense that our quiet Sunday mornings in the reading room were going to be short lived.

This feeling was only growing stronger with each late night pizza craving.

Finally, I hardened myself to the task.  I had to take a pregnancy test.

It was positive.  I knew it would be.

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  Happy did not rank high on the list.

So I did the only thing I could think of…I burst into tears.  I heard Finn coming up the stairs so I tried to compose myself.

Of course it didn’t work.

“Honey!  You’ve been crying!  What’s wrong?  Are you ok?!”

“So you know how you thought I had a parasite?  I do.  Except it isn’t a worm…it’s a baby.”

“Oh!  Penny that’s WONDERFUL!”

“What the fuck do you mean?!  WONDERFUL!?”  I’m not ready for this!”

“Ok, ok.  Breathe.  We can get through this.  Yes, I realize what this means for your given everything you’ve been through.  Ok…but this baby is real.  And I’m real.  And I’m going to do everything in my power to protect you and this baby.  Nothing is going to happen to any of us so long as I have a say in it.”

And then for some reason I got really excited and flung myself onto Finn with a kiss.

“I’m going to chalk that up to your hormones.  We’ll be ok, Penny.  You’ll be ok.  We’ve got this.”

I was only 10% sure he was right but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I was too nauseous to argue.

He humored me though.

Finn found us an OB/GYN in town as soon as he could.  Given my history I asked for an ultrasound at the first appointment.  I needed to see my baby.  I needed to know it was real.

I was roughly 8 weeks pregnant and more nervous that I’ve ever been.  I was so nervous in fact that I even let Finn drive my car!

I darted into the hospital with Finn hot on my heels.  Two hours and several tests later, it was confirmed.  I was pregnant.

“That’s right, Mattie!  TWINS!  Penny’s having TWINS!”

“FINLEY!  Hang up the phone!”  I wasn’t ready to share this with anyone.  I needed more time to get used to the idea myself.

Twins.  It was too early to tell the sex but there were definitely two babies in there.  I always thought twins skipped a generation but apparently not always.

After swearing my husband to secrecy I asked him to get me some greasy food truck food.

I loved it so much and Finn was so excited he bought me a fryer and an ice cream maker on the way home.

“I wished you looked at me like that!”

“It’s not me looking at the ice cream like that.  It’s your spawn forcing me to look at ice cream like that!”

“Hello, babies!  Daddy’s home!  Do you like ice cream?”

“Well, what do they say, Finn?”

“Shh…I’m listening.”

“They said that they love ice cream but they love their Mommy even more!”

Ok.  His excitement was infectious.  The more he talked to my belly the more I wanted to meet these babies.  Maybe it would be ok after all?

3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.80

  1. Poor Penny! I guess she really won’t believe it until they are born. Maybe she’ll have a boy and a girl, to round out the family. Good chapter, Kait! =)

  2. Hurray! Cheers! Bring out the apple cider! Finn can have champagne. I’m so excited. Love the name choices.

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