Eternally Yours

Chapter 3.79

Note from SweetPoyzin: This post is just a short one.  I’m working to catch up on the FIVE drafts I still have so you get this little doinker and at 5pm you’re gonna get a doozy!  Stay tuned!

After a week in beautiful China it was nice to return home.

And let’s be honest…Eden Grove isn’t lacking in beauty either.

As soon as we got home I set about decorating the house with our finds and purchases from our trip.

I also hung the photos that Liv had printed from the wedding.  I think she really captured the joy and excitement of the evening.

Soon it was back to the routine.  I made breakfast, we did chores, and took care of the dogs.

Turns out Copernicus decided to be a pain and took to peeing in the house quite frequently.

He also got it in his head that he was going to be an aggressive little shit to anyone and everyone.  Just because he could.

Well…it’s good to be home.

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