Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.72

I packed my sisters up and sent them home so I could prep for the big night.

Naturally, my sink got all buggered up right before I had to start cooking dinner so I had to deal with that disaster.

FINALLY, I set to cooking the tri-tip steak I was making for dinner.  I had just gotten it into the oven when I started pondering what the hell I was doing.

I mean, did I really want to seriously start dating a guy or did I just want a fling?  Luckily Finn showed up so I didn’t have too much time to sit around and think.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him through the front door.  He is quite handsome.

I set him straight to eating.  That way I had an excuse not to talk.  I have serious issues around this guy and the last think I wanted to do was scare him off before he even saw me naked.

After the steak I stuffed him with cupcakes.  My no talking idea was working.

Of course, eventually he finished eating and I had to talk to him.

Except I didn’t.

Rather than talking I just lured him up to my bedroom.  That makes me sound like a creeper.  He totally went willingly.

“You know, Penny, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.  I can just sleep here or something.”  The man was really quite a gentleman.  Unfortunately, I’m not a lady.

“If I didn’t want to do anything, I wouldn’t have asked you to spend the night, Finley.  I mean, really…did you honestly think I kissed you and led you up here so we could hold hands?  Back out now if you feel rushed.”

“Well, why don’t we just take it slow.  For your sake.  I don’t want to ruin something that might be good because of hormones.”

“Of course, Dr. McNamara.  The doctor is always right.”

So we took it slow.

But not that slow.  He didn’t take much convincing.

I woke up to an empty bed the next morning.  I was certain I scared him off.

I found him though.  He was in the spare room.

“So do you have kids then?”  Oh if only that were an easy question.

“I told you before, Finn.  Five dates.  Five dates before you get anything too personal out of me.  We’ve only had three.”

“Oh but I think we’ve had FOUR dates, Ms. Hanks.  Last night’s dinner was three.  Today is a new day…that,my dear, makes four dates.  Loophole FOR THE WIN!”

That was not so gentlemanly.

I headed downstairs to start breakfast and again found myself pondering this issue.  Do I dump his smart-assy behind or do I wait this out?

The timer went off and my train of thought went with it.  We sat down to breakfast and I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t have to talk again.

I was saved by the bell, or the beeper really.  Finn was called into an emergency at the ranch and had to dine and dash.

Thank goodness for small favors.  Now I had time to think.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.72

  1. Welllllll……….Penny is “gun shy”, shall we say?! At least he seems to be a gentleman, but maybe too much of one. Anxious to see how she handles this one! =)

  2. Xander was a self-centered pain, but I loved Peter!! I think I miss him the most from the “before crash” family. Finn could be interesting. It almost feels like he is ‘hiding something’. I don’t know if that is the direction you are headed, but that’s the feeling he gives me…almost “too nice” to be true! lol =) I am, at my age, a bit of a cynic…sorry!!

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