Eternally Yours

Chapter 3.71

After much ado, Muppet finally got her girls day out.

She and I headed to the dog park for some much needed play time.

She loved having all my attention and we seriously played fetch for 2 hours straight.

Poor Copper didn’t understand why he was not included in the fun.  I promised him his own play date at the park when he was a little bigger.  He’d probably kill himself trying to drag that stick back to me.

Tiberius and I were also busy at work.  We were training for our first international racing competition.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I could use the money so we kept at it.

The dogs were annoyed with the lack of attention and took it out on the newspapers.  While that was annoying for me, I was at least grateful that it wasn’t my furniture.

After a few weeks of same shit, different day I made a decision.

I woke up early and used some magic to give me good luck.

I set to work cleaning the house.

I ran some errands.

I went to the bakery and bought a plate of cupcakes.

I even stopped to smell the flowers.  It seemed like a totally average day.  It was not.

I made a call that was going to change it all.

Of course, I needed my girls to give me a pep talk.

They were over in less than an hour despite the fact that they both had two kids.  It was that big of a deal.

“Seriously, Olivia, what the hell have I gotten myself into?”

“Oh, Penny, you had to do this eventually.  Otherwise, we’d all go crazy.”

“Yes, we would go crazy, yes we would.  Wouldn’t we, Muppet?  Yes, we would.”

“Ok, Hannah, we’re going to get you out of the house more.  And Penny, we’re you’re going to be fine.”

“See, Liv, I used to be good at being in charge and being reassuring but now…I don’t know what to do.  What if this all turns out to be a coma dream, too?”

“Hmm, well…if it is a coma dream…at least it will be a sexy coma dream.  The question is, Penny, do you want to be alone all your life or do you want to get laid?  And let’s not ignore the fact that the potential lay is very, very attractive.  Hannah, your thoughts?”

“I think she wants to get laid, yes she does.  Doesn’t she, Muppet?  Yes, she does.”

“Hannah, you are no longer allowed to weigh in on this situation until you’ve had more human contact.  Look, Penny, he’s an attractive doctor.  You don’t have to marry the man.  Just have a little fun and go from there.”

Liv was right.  I couldn’t keep living in fear that life was one big coma dream.  And I’d already invited Finn to spend the night anyway.

“You can’t argue with your twin, Penny.  You know I’m right because you are thinking the same thing.”

“Touche, twin.  Now get your asses out of here because Finn will be over in an hour.”

“Pow chicka pow pow…”

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