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State of the Blog


As you can see we are moving right along after the hard drive fiasco of 2015!  I am pleased with the way things are moving along.

That being said, I’m sorry if I seem like I am rushing things.  See, I was ready to move on with Gen 4 when the hard drive crashed.  I even had the plot lines for Harper and Kylie set to roll.  That’s not to say I am tired of Penny and her story but I am ready to take us on another adventure.

I know where Penny is going and I am eager to get her there.  Please bear with me (again…you all are saints) as I try not to rush but do so nonetheless.  Many posts will contain several big events and I’m not so focused on the day-to-day in Penny’s life right now.

So, we are off and running and I’ve got several huge posts queued up.  Hold on to your hats, people.  We are in for a fast ride (because Penny wouldn’t do it any other way).

I’ve updated the family tree with Finn’s family and Penny’s new family members.  Check it out if you are interested!

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