Eternally Yours

Chapter 3.70

The big day finally rolled around and I found myself on a date.

We chatted about movies and the weather and I thought I was home free.  Until…

“So, Penny, tell me about you.  Tell me about your family.  Tell me about your life”



“I don’t want anything serious right now.  After…5 dates…if we make it that far, I’ll start telling you about me.”

“Well, alright that’s fair.”

“Really?”  I wasn’t expecting that from him.  Honestly, I was trying to scare him off.

“Well, I might just be a country boy but I’m pretty smart.  I figure if you come into town outta nowhere with nothing to your name and no family…well, you’ve got a story to tell and it might not be a good one.  So when you’re ready to talk I’ll be around.”

Crap. “Well, tell me about yourself in the meantime.”

“Hm, well here in Eden Grove the town is built on Scots and Irish.  So there’s Mama, Maggie McNamara, formerly Maggie O’Day.  She’s been married to daddy for about 40 years now.  Dad, Paddy McNamara, is an old ranch hand down at the stables.  Then there’s my older brother Mattie, Matthew is what he likes to be called, and he’s a musician.  He’s married to Jenna who you met at the bar.  They’ve got a little boy, Sean, who is pretty much a rockstar kid.  My little sister Sarah married the only Brit in town, Roger Tidwell, and they have a daughter Elinor but I call her my Ellie Belly Boo and that makes her giggle something fierce.  You probably didn’t want to know all that but there you have it.”

“That’s sweet how attached you are to your niece and nephew.  I call my niece Bug since her name is Katie, like Katydid, you know?  My nephew is Dylan so I call him Pickle.  My brother and his wife just had a couple of kids but I haven’t met them yet so I don’t have –”

“Are you sure you want to tell me this or do you want to wait?”

“Oh, um…I’ll wait.”

I didn’t really know what to do with Finn’s old-fashioned gentlemanly behavior.  So I told him I had to go home and let Copper out or he’d pee in the house.  Because that’s how you want to end a first date.

Before I left I caught sight of Finn checking on the new chicks they have in the rooftop sustainability garden.

It was pretty darn cute.  Once a doctor, always a doctor I suppose.

Since there was still a little time left in the weekend I decided to spend Sunday working on my car.

It took the entire day but…

It was so worth the time and effort.

I was so thrilled in fact that I called up Finn and asked him to meet me at the Spring Festival.

Just when I was thinking I’d been stood up I heard his melodious voice.  It was difficult to place his accent.  It was not quite Scottish, not quite British, and not quite Southern drawl.  Didn’t matter, it was sexy.

“I’m going to win this contest, Doctor.”

“You just keep thinking that, Little Missy.  Let the Doctor show you how it’s done.”

Not only did I win, but I also kept myself clean.  Who’s the fool, now?

We headed to the dance floor and I busted out some of my kick ass moves.  Turns out Finn has some nice moves himself.

While we were dancing the sun down I found myself thinking about the past.  Yes, I loved Peter but that wasn’t real.  Who’s to say this would last?  I certainly knew better than most how fleeting life and love could be.  Why not enjoy this now and deal with the fall out later?

So I made a move.  Unfortunately, it was ill-timed.

This woman came out of nowhere and started in on Finn and I.  Apparently, she had been in a relationship with Finn in the past, and while it was over, she wasn’t ready to see him move on so publicly.  Finn apologized for the scene and he headed home.  I pretended like I was on my way but once I was sure Finn had gone home I returned to the fairgrounds.

Do not mess with a witch who has nothing left to lose

Even after I put the spell on Margie I whipped out my phone and changed their relationship from “friends” to “strangers.”

Don’t mess with me.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.70

  1. I laughed my arse off!! Good for Penny, glad to see she knows how to handle obnoxious people!! Witches are fun! =)

    1. I love my Penny that’s for sure. Since she gets chance to re-live everything I thought I’d try some out powers I’d never played with before. I’ve got 2 level 10 witches in this legacy and I’ve never toadified anyone!

  2. Finn’s a sweetheart. I’m already loving him! Penny certainly gave him something to think about by planting that kiss on him.

    Awesome toadification! Way to make a statement, Penny. That woman was being rude and was also committing a fashion crime with that outfit. LOL.

    1. Good Lord I know! I knew Finn was dating someone thanks to Story Progression but I had no idea who she was. The whole fight thing was so unplanned but I wasn’t passing that up!

  3. Haha looks like Finn was a bit of a chubby-chaser. 😉 That’s what you get for messing with Penny! Their dance moves cracked me up because I pictured them having an awkward conversation during it. HA!

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