Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.69

It took three months but the boys really rocked my home renovation!

They got the outside brickwork in order but the real prize was all the work they did inside.

They totally revamped the inside.  They gutted the lower level and remodeled the whole floor plan.  Adam and Mike wallpapered the house with some cheap stuff I found online while Dad and Grandpa Vic paid for some cheap furniture I found at a garage sale.

They really outdid themselves in the kitchen.  Liv, Mom, and Grandma Liddy paid for the whole thing.  They know I am passionate about cooking and love a good party so they dropped $60,000 just on the kitchen remodel.  It is really beautiful though and I am so grateful.

The dining room is really lovely too.  I’ve never been a curtain girl but these are growing on me!

I also have this great space to look out into the backyard.

I also made sure there was a space for my nieces and nephew.  Who knows.  Maybe one day I’ll have my own use for it.

My favorite place is my bedroom.  Ir is so light and carefree, I feel totally at peace. There is a great private balcony that overlooks the backyard.  I just love it.

And there’s even a spot for Tiberius.  I bought Muppet a pink doghouse which she loves but is obviously never going to sleep in.  She’s got a human to keep warm.

Everyone was pretty pleased with our new digs.  Now we could welcome our newest member to our family.  Of course that meant a date for me and I was not excited about that.

Finally the big day arrived.

Muppet kept a look out as best she could but she’s a little short for the job.

I was out back getting Tiberius settled for the day when I heard a commotion out front.

Muppet came running toward me, barking and carrying on.  I figured the puppy must be here.

I was a little shocked at how tiny he was.  I’d given him 6 weeks to grow and he was still just a tiny little thing.

I was even more shocked that Dr. McNamara came inside and made himself right at home.  AND THAT MUPPET ALLOWED IT.  She and I would have to have a talk about boundaries.

Dr. McNamara and I set our date for Saturday at the new tearoom in town.  I was not looking forward to my first date since the accident but I guess I can’t hide forever.  And besides…he is pretty handsome.

I set Puppy B on his way so I could figure out what to name him.  He adjusted to his new home rather quickly.  Poor Muppet, on the other hand, had some issues with her new little brother.

Despite getting a second food dish, Muppet was still concerned about her own food rations.  She set about guarding her dish immediately after the puppy began to wander.

She had no idea what to do with him when he walked right over to her and started to yip.  I quite liked the little fella’s bold nature and decided to name him Copernicus, or Copper, for short.

Copper is really enthusiastic about pretty much everything.  Whether he is chewing on a toy, eating, or chasing Muppet he loves every minute of it.  Muppet is getting used to Copper’s love of life.

It was a long day for Muppet.  Copper followed his new big sister everywhere much to her dismay.

By the end of the day, however, Muppet reluctantly gave in to her new roll and decided tolerating Copper was better than ignoring him.

It also meant she got to play with all the new toys I bought him.

She was a little miffed by the fact that Copper got a new bed and she never had one.  I reminded her that she gets the best bed in the house.

After all, she’s the only one who gets to sleep on the furniture.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.69

  1. Aww, you have to cut Muppet some slack. Doc Finn is a vet and he was probably pulling a Dr. Doolittle number on her. She didn’t stand a chance against Finn’s charms. Hopefully, he will use his manly charms to woo Penny on their date.

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