Month: April 2015

Chapter 3.82

Penny plans a gender-reveal party for her family and friends!

Chapter 3.81

Penny gets used to the idea of being a mom again but has a close call at the festival.

The Name Game!

So, Penny and Finn are expecting twins!!!  That means it’s time to play NAME THAT BABY! Pick two boys names and two girls names.  Vote as many times as you want.  Write in names that you think are better.  Try to stick with Irish/Scottish…

Chapter 3.80

After a few weeks back home we settled into a routine. We actually started enjoying quiet nights at home jamming together in a makeshift band.  By makeshift band I mean we were playing two different pieces because we both suck at music. I’d picked…

Chapter 3.79

Note from SweetPoyzin: This post is just a short one.  I’m working to catch up on the FIVE drafts I still have so you get this little doinker and at 5pm you’re gonna get a doozy!  Stay tuned! After a week in beautiful China…

Chapter 3.78

Note from SweetPoyzin: Sorry that everything happens at night.  I always cheat on vacations because I want my sims to DO ALL THE THINGS and this usually results in me just making them go everywhere regardless of the time of day.  I only realized…

Chapter 3.77

Note from SweetPoyzin:  Sorry for the random lack of photos.  I got really excited that Penny was getting married and I had Liv follow her around to snap photos for Penny’s house and in doing so I forgot to get blog photos.  My bad. Finally…

Chapter 3.76

Note from SweetPoyzin: This isn’t so much an actual chapter as it is a bunch of fun shots from the bachelor/bachelorette parties. The number of times I was sprayed with fizzy nectar at my bachelorette party? Two. It’s never a party until someone dances…

Chapter 3.75

Moving in with Finn was a great idea. We really are a cute couple.  We got ourselves settled in together in about three months. And with Spring in full swing we decided to celebrate our new romance with a huge family barbecue. I bought salmon…

Chapter 3.74

The aliens returned me unharmed but weirded out. Life returned to normal pretty much immediately.  With all the normalcy I discovered something about myself… I am lonely. I decided to host a dinner party.  So I called some peepz and told them to be…


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